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Police Administration

(660) 543-4123

Scott Rhoad, Director 

Daniel Othic, Assistant Director
Captain of Police Operations

Bill Brinkley, Assistant Director
Captain of Administrative Services 

Gary Schmidt, Detective Sergeant


Police Sergeants

(660) 543-4123

Andy Griffin, Police Sergeant

Joe Jennings, Police Sergeant

Scott Lewis, Police Sergeant

Mike Papasifakis, Parking Services Sergeant


Police Officers

(660) 543-4123

Bryan Allen, Police Officer

Niko Anderson, Police Officer

Ben Brown, Police Officer

Dan Drerup, Police Officer 

Lane Embry, Police Officer 

Angela Garrett, Police Officer 

Christian Hilmes, Police Officer

Nathan Holt, Police Officer  

Davis Johnson, Police Officer

Emma Rogers, Police Officer  


(660) 543-4123

Brandy McCormick, Dispatcher

Jana Goodin, Dispatcher 

Caelyn Hilty, Dispatcher

Madison Parkinson, Dispatcher

Jessica Russik, Dispatcher

Victoriah Shook, Dispatcher

Shelby Toalson, Dispatcher

Jesica Walters, Dispatcher 

Violet Williams, Dispatcher

Matthew Younce, Dispatcher


Support Services

(660) 543-4123

Nancy Harwood, Police Records Management Specialist


Access Control

(660) 543-4101

Ardith Sampson , Accountant

Stuart Rohr, Electronic Access Locksmith

Rick McMillen, Electronic Access Locksmith


Environmental Health and Safety

(660) 543-4123

Sam Hafley, Manager Environmental Health and Safety


Parking Services

(660) 543-4098

Jessica Boyer, Office Professional

Charles Bechtol , Parking Lot Attendant

Mike Jones, Parking Lot Attendant



Public Safety
306 Broad Street
Emergency phone 911
Tel: (660)543-4123 (24 hours)
Fax: (660)543-4163


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