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Service Vehicles


Service Vehicles are defined as any UCM owned and titled or leased vehicle used in support of the UCM mission. Examples would be vehicles used to carry tools and supplies for the physical plant, food services, hazardous materials, computer services, etc. It would not include parking for vehicles checked out from the physical plant, unless someone is actively loading or unloading from the vehicle.

University employees and on-site contracted management personnel who use their own vehicles in the course of their employment may purchase a service vehicle permit for times when they are actively engaged in the activities for which they are employed. Use of the space is not allowed for general parking. In order to purchase a service vehicle permit, an employee must first purchase a faculty/staff permit. The employee must use faculty/staff parking during these times when not using his/her personal vehicle for university business.

Additionally, service vehicles may also include vehicles that are used by contractors, or vehicles used by business that are actively supporting the University mission. These could include computer services contractors, construction contractors, duct cleaners, bug exterminators, or others whose services have been purchased by the University. The vehicle must display a service vehicle permit when parked in the service vehicle space. The permits may be purchased on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly plan. The space cannot be used for personal business, but only when the vehicle is actively being used to provide purchased services.

Every vehicle parking in a service vehicle space must have a permit except UCM owned vehicles. Service vehicle spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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