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Violations and Penalties

Violations and Penalties

The original notice of a violation will either be affixed to the motor vehicle or delivered to the owner/operator. The notice may be given personally and directly         to the owner/operator, or sent through the United States mail, or email notification. Vehicles parked in direct violation of university parking regulations may be towed away without notice and placed in storage at the owner/operator's expense.

Vehicles that have accumulated three or more unpaid traffic tickets will automatically be placed on a tow list and towed without notice at the owner/operator's expense when parked on the University campus. Contact the Department of Public Safety at (660) 543-4123 for information regarding towed vehicles.

Zoned or Reserved Areas

Individuals parking in faculty/staff, student, M, reserved areas or handicapped parking must properly display a valid permit issued for the zone assigned to them. Those who park in a zoned lot or reserved space without displaying a valid permit or those who park in a zoned lot or reserved space and display an incorrect permit are subject to a fine of $50.00 and/or towing. Enforcement of parking lots for failure to display a valid parking permit begins on the first day of classes of each semester.

Improper Display of Parking Permit

Failure to properly display a permit will result in a fine of $30.00.

Permits must be clearly visible, displayed to read from left to right, and cannot be displayed upside down. Permits cannot be placed temporarily in or on any vehicle with tape or other adhesive, lying on the dash, lying on the back window decks, etc.


Transferable permits must be clearly visible and suspended from the inside rear-view mirror of the vehicle. Motorcycle permits must be placed and adhered to the front left shock of the motorcycle.

Parking in No Parking Areas

Individuals parking in no parking areas will be fined $30.00, and their vehicles will be towed, if necessary. Do not park adjacent to parking bumpers or curbs that are painted yellow or areas marked by no parking signs.


NOTE: No parking is in effect in Lot 33 (Multipurpose Building), lot 28, lot 32, and lot 68 (JCK Library) each year during Homecoming weekend from 10:00 p.m. Friday until noon Saturday. Vehicles remaining in these parking lots during these times may be towed at the owner's expense.

Improper Parking

Vehicles improperly parked will be fined $30.00 and /or towed.

When utilizing University parking lots, park only at concrete parking bumpers or within parking lines. Do not park at corners, double park, park in driveways, or park in front of trash dumpsters.

Parking on grass, on sidewalks, or on parkways is strictly prohibited.

Only one motor vehicle shall be parked in front of each parking bumper. Do not park utilizing two or more parking spaces.

Non-licensed vehicles cannot be parked or stored in University parking lots.

Motor vehicles parked on University Property must be kept in operating condition so they can be moved at any time on their own power.

Vehicles shall not be parked in parking spaces or University parking lots that are barricaded.

Vehicles parked in time-controlled spaces are limited to the time posted on the parking space sign.

Possession of a Lost, Stolen, Altered or Forged Permit

Vehicles found displaying a lost, stolen, altered or forged permit will be towed at the owner/operator's expense. The fine and penalty for possession of a lost, stolen, altered or forged permit shall be $200.00 and revocation of parking privileges on the property of University of Central Missouri for a period of one year. Possession may also result in criminal prosecution.

Vehicles to be Driven Carefully

Every person operating a motor vehicle on any University street or parking lot shall drive the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner and at a rate of speed so as not to endanger the property of another or the life or limb of any person and shall exercise the highest degree of care. University speed limit is 15 MPH. Violation of this section shall carry a $100.00 fine.

Traffic Signs

Every person operating a motor vehicle on a University street or parking lot must abide by traffic signs posted throughout campus property including stop signs, one way signs, etc. Failure to obey these signs will carry a fine of $30. Violation of posted traffic signs may also be in violation of Vehicles to be Driven Carefully.

Accessible/Disabled Areas

Individuals parking in accessible spaces or lots must display a valid accessible permit issued by Parking Services. Those who park in accessible areas without displaying a valid UCM accessible permit are subject to a fine of $200.00 and/or towing.


Public Safety
306 Broad Street
Emergency phone 911
Tel: (660)543-4123 (24 hours)
Fax: (660)543-4163


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