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Alcohol/Drug Policy


UCM's Drug Free Schools and Workplace Statement

The University has established and is committed to enforcing clear policies that promote an educational environment free from the abuse of alcohol and other substances.  The University complies with federal regulations that require an alcohol and drug testing program for safety sensitive positions.  The University expects students, employees, visitors, and organizations to adhere to state statutes prohibiting individuals under the age of 21 from drinking or having alcohol in their possession.  Drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in University buildings and residence halls except in those places where an explicit exception has been granted.  The University also expects students, employees, and visitors to comply with laws that govern the possession, use, distribution, and sale of alcohol and illicit drugs.  Anyone found to be in violation of such laws shall be subject to all applicable criminal penalties, as well as disciplinary action in accordance with applicable policies of the University of Central Missouri.  Students under the age of 21 are reminded it is unlawful to use fictitious identification for purchasing alcohol.  Health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol include, but are not limited to, addiction, accidents as a result of impaired judgment and ability, overdose, damage to internal organs or a developing fetus, and unpredictable or violent behavior.  Information on referral and assistance with alcohol or drug-related problems is available from Counseling Center (PH 660-543-4060), University Health Center (PH 660-543-4770), or Human Resources (PH 660-543-4255).


Public Safety
306 Braod Street
Emergency Phone Number 911
Tel: (660) 543-4123 (24 hours)
Fax: (660) 543-4163


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