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R.A.D. Programs - Basic Physical Defense

R.A.D. Programs

Rape Aggression Defense System (R.A.D.), and Resisting Aggression with Defense (R.A.D.) are programs of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for men and women. The programs are taught by officers from UCM’s Department of Public Safety and are offered at no cost to UCM students, employees, and dependents.

Programs are 12 hours in length. To enroll in a course please contact Officer Angela Garrett.



Rape Aggression Defense System


R.A.D for Women Instructional Objective:

"To develop and enhance the options of self defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked."

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. R.A.D. is not a Martial Arts program. Our programs are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. Instructors and provide each student with a workbook/reference manual. This manual outlines the entire Physical Defense Program for reference and continuous personal growth, and is the key to our free lifetime return and practice policy for R.A.D. graduates.



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Resisting Aggression with Defense


R.A.D for Men Instructional Objective:

“To provide responsible information and tactical options of self defense for men who find themselves in confrontational situations.”

Participants will have the opportunity to: raise their awareness of aggressive behavior, recognize how aggressive behavior impacts their lives, learn steps to avoid aggressive behavior, consider how they can be part of reducing aggression and violence, and practice hands-on self-defense skills to resist and escape aggressive behavior directed toward them. This program is designed to empower participants to make safer choices when confronted with aggressive behavior.



Programs are taught by officers from Central's Department of Public Safety and are offered at no cost to Central's students, employees, and dependants.  All programs are held on the UCM campus.  Other locations may be available when requested.

Basic programs are 12-hours in length.  Students must complete all 12 hours to become certified in the R.A.D. Physical Defense Program.



Fall 2022 Schedule


  • RAD Basic for Women Session 1
    • September 13, 20, and 27 (Tuesday nights)
  • RAD Basic for Women Session 2
    • October 19, 26, and November 2 (Wednesday nights)
  • RAD For Men Session 1
    • September 12, 19, and 26 (Mondays)
  • RAD For Men Session 2
    • October 17, 24, and 31 (Mondays)
  • RAD Keychain*
    • November 9 (Wednesday)
  • RAD Advance*
    • November 15 and 16 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Spring 2023 Schedule

  • RAD Basic for Women Session 1
    • TBD
  • RAD Basic for Women Session 2
    • TBD
  • RAD For Men Session 1
    • TBD
  • RAD For Men Session 2
    • TBD
  • RAD Keychain*
    • TBD
  • RAD Advance*
    • TBD



(*) Only have to attend one day and have completed RAD Basic program.

All programs are held on campus from 6-10 PM at on the UCM campus.

To enroll in a program, contact Officer Angela Garrett by e-mail,  or phone (660) 543-4123. Groups of 10 or more may arrange a specially scheduled course by contacting Officer Angela Garrett.






University of Central Missouri's Department of Public Safety sponsors a popular, nationally recognized self-defense program called "The Rape Aggression Defense System" and "Resisting Aggression with Defense"  or R.A.D. for short.  

Program Description

Hours 1-3
Utilizing the R.A.D. student manual, students will be involved in a discussion of risk reduction strategies, date rape, continuum of survival, defensive strategies and the basic principals of defense.  We also discuss how to develop a defensive mind set, understanding offensive and defensive postures, recognizing vulnerable locations and utilizing personal weapons.

Hours 4-6
Participating students will begin the process of hands on training.  The techniques utilized by R.A.D. Systems are based on simple gross motor skills and are developed to the point that they become instinctual through repetition.  Students will have the opportunity to use these techniques in dynamic impact training by striking padded equipment held by the instructors.  All techniques target a single attacker.

Hours 7-9
Students will be introduced to ground defense techniques and will continue to refine the skills previously learned with "practice, practice and practice."

Hours 10-12 
Students will participate in "simulated assault" scenarios or drills in full contact with R.A.D. instructors, who wear state of the art protective gear specifically designed for this training.  Students have the opportunity to utilize their skills in a safe training environment monitored by instructors.

Please return and practice your skills as often as you wish, completely cost free!

For further information or questions regarding the UCM R.A.D. Program, contact Officer Angela Garrett by e-mail at or call Public Safety at (660) 543-4123. For further information regarding the national R.A.D. Program select the following link. R.A.D. Systems.



Public Safety
306 Broad Street
Emergency Phone Number 911
Tel: (660) 543-4123 (24 hours)
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