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Safety Tips



  • Always lock your doors, especially when inside sleeping and studying.
  • Use the peep hole. Make sure you know who is at the door before you open it.
  • Never leave your door open, even if leaving for a short amount of time.
  • Always lock the bathroom door connecting the suite.
  • Immediately report the loss or theft of room and/or mailbox keys to housing staff.
  • Report threatening or obscene phone calls immediately.
  • If someone obviously does not belong in the hallway, lobby, etc. or if you see suspicious behavior, call 911.



  • Never walk alone at night. Walk with a friend, or call SAFE (543-7233) between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. for a safety escort.
  • Walk in well-lit areas at night, don't take shortcuts through bushes, trees, etc.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Know the locations of emergency telephones.
  • Walk confidently and with a purpose.
  • Do not advertise that you are carrying money or wearing expensive jewelry.
  • Occasionally alter the route that you walk to and from the same places.
  • Avoid carrying too much, keep your hands free.
  • Have your keys to your vehicle or residence in your hand and ready to use. Avoid searching through backpacks or purses.
  • If you think you are being followed, change your direction of travel, go to the nearest area where there are other people (library, union, etc,), or go to the nearest emergency phone and call the police.



  • Never hitchhike.
  • Use caution when using an ATM machine.
  • If you are carrying a purse or bag, carry it close to your body. Don’t carry more money or credit cards than necessary.
  • Ask the person driving you home to wait until you are inside. Do the same for other passengers.



  • When approaching a parked vehicle, be aware of suspicious activity or persons.
  • Always park in well-lit areas.
  • Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle.
  • When operating your vehicle, keep the doors locked.
  • Place valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • When stopped at traffic lights or in traffic, allow space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • If someone approaches your vehicle and attempts to enter, blow your horn to attract attention and drive away.
  • Purchase a mobile phone, especially if you travel long distances or late at night.
  • Do not open your window if someone approaches your vehicle to ask for directions, time, etc. Keep your doors locked.
  • Do not stop for a stranded motorist. Go to the nearest phone and call the police for assistance. Do not pick up hitchhikers.
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled, do not get out of the vehicle. Use a sign to request help, or ask someone who stops to call for help.
  • Never let your gas fall below 1/4 tank.
  • Carry emergency items in your vehicle, e.g. flashlight, fix-a-flat, map, warm clothes, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, empty gas can, mobile phone, etc.
  • If you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, plan your route and check the map before you start out.



  • Avoid isolated corridors or hallways.
  • Be extra careful in stairwells and isolated restrooms.
  • Avoid entering an elevator which is occupied by only one other person who is a stranger.
  • In an elevator, stand near the controls and locate the emergency button.
  • If you are assaulted while in the elevator, hit the emergency button or alarm button, and press as many floor buttons as possible.




Public Safety
306 Broad Street
Emergency Phone Number 911
Tel: (660) 543-4123 (24 hours)
Fax: (660) 543-4163


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