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How to Report a Crime

Reporting a Crime

The university community is encouraged to report crime. Crimes can be reported in any of the following manners:

  • Campus 911 (emergencies only).
  • The Department of Public Safety phone number, (660)543-4123. All phone lines are answered 24 hours daily.
  • In person at the Public Safety building, located at 306 Broad St., Warrensburg, MO 64093.
  • Public Safety offers the option to send a text message to (660)422-2632. This service is not a replacement for calling Public Safety. A text message can be sent if you are in a situation where making a phone call would be difficult.
  • The Campus Eye app is available for students, faculty, and staff to report pertinent information directly to public safety and campus facilities personnel.  The free, downloadable app features the ability to create a note describing a safety or security incident. You may also take or attach a picture of the incident. The app automatically detects the location of the user and creates a map with a pin drop of the user's exact location. All content sent to respective college departments includes the sender's name and phone number along with the date and time of each report. Other app features let users set personal attributes, like if they are deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired, or require the use of a wheelchair.

Submit TIPS Information For Police Investigation / Upload Files

This form is used to report crimes that are not an immediate threat to the university community in an anonymous manner for follow up investigation.  You can also upload files related to this Tip.  If you are reporting a serious crime that may cause an ongoing threat to the university community, immediately contact the Department of Public Safety by telephone at (660)543-4123 to discuss the matter further.

Police Tips Form

Thanks for taking the time to submit information.  Please provide as much detail as you are able to at this time in the fields below.  You also have the option of reporting using the Campus Eye app if it is installed on your phone.  The Campus Eye app allows anonymous reporting and also offers the ability to chat anonymously with our 911 Dispatchers anytime.
If a vehicle or more than one was involved, then can you give me more detail? What color? Was there any damage to the vehicle or anything unique about the vehicle? Did it have stickers, aftermarket add-ons such as wheels, or more?
If a person or more than one was involved, then can you give me more detail? Were they wearing glasses or jewelry? Did you notice any tattoos or piercings? Was there anything unique about the person? If you know them, then how? Do you know their name or a nickname?
If you would like to upload files related to this tip, then use the link below.  You can refresh the upload page to upload as many files as necessary.

Upload files here (Remember to return to this page to complete the form and submit your tip)
If you would like to provide contact information, then what email can we contact you at?
If you would like to be contacted, then what phone number can we contact you at?


Reporting a Crime Statistic for Clery Act Compliance

The Department of Public Safety offers additional online report forms that are not intended as a tool to report crimes for criminal investigation.  These forms are used in compliance with the federal requirements of the Clery Act to ensure crimes are included in our annual crime statistics.  These forms do not need to be used if a police report has been filed concerning the crime. 

Submit a Voluntary Confidential Report

 This form is for use by people that wish to voluntarily and confidentially report a crime. This will allow the crime to be included in our annual crimes statistics in fulfillment of the federal requirements of the Clery Act. Please remember this form is not used to report crimes for criminal investigation.

Submit a Campus Security Authority Report

 This form is for use by persons identified as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) or Mandatory Reporters. The form is used by a CSA to report crimes for inclusion in our annual crimes statistics in fulfillment of the federal requirements of the Clery Act. This form is not intended as a tool to report crimes for criminal investigation. 

Reports, Logs, and Crime Statistics

  • The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is published annually and includes crime statistics for the past three years, crime prevention programs, fire statistics, a listing of safety tips, alcohol and drug policies, sexual assault education prevention programs, emergency response, and resources that are available to the campus community in emergencies.
  • The Department of Public Safety provides public police reports, activity, media, fire, and crime logs in compliance with state and federal laws. You can stop by the Public Safety Office to request access or you may view many of these below.

Public Records Available Online

 The following documents have been posted online and include information freely available to the public.

30 Day Public Police Report Summary


30 Day Official Public Police Reports









Request a Police Report or Other Document


Public Safety Records Request


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