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The Fighting Mules Scholarship offers up to $1,500 for incoming freshmen.

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Top 14 Reasons to Join the Army Nurse Corps

Army Medical Department- Be a part of a world-class healthcare organization.

Respect- Earn respect as an Army officer.

Military Benefits- Numerous benefits are available as an Army officer to include medical and dental care, an accession bonus and educational loan repayment.

You are an Army of One!!   You can make a difference, while being part of a team.

Nursing Roles- Experience diverse nursing roles and positions.

Unique Nursing Assignments- Explore opportunities not available in the civilian sector.

Regular Promotions with Pay Increases-  Experience promotions, salary increases and increases in leadership opportunities.

Specialty Training- Option to attend one of four specialty courses in critical care, perioperative, OB/Gyn or psych-mental health nursing.

Educational Development-  Civilian and military educational development is highly encouraged.

Challenges-  Army nursing challenges you to grow professionally and personally.

Opportunities-  Numerous opportunities await you as an Army officer such as travel, 30 days paid vacation and discount lodging.

Retirement Plan- The best retirement plan going- 20 years of service draws 50% of base pay plus full military benefits.

Preceptorship Program- New graduates are teamed with an experienced nurse at first duty assignment.

Service to Country- Experience the pride of being an officer in the U.S. Army!