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CULP Experience

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency


Cadets are chosen for a one-month deployment that allows them to practice their leadership skills while gaining exposure to other cultures, languages and different views from around the world.



Cadet Nathaniel Arndt


Country: Thailand


Mission: Instructed English to Thai Army Cadets and local high school students as part of the Cadet English Language Training Team (CELTT) mission, and trained along side Thai cadets.


Outcome: "I experienced how relations with other countries promotes peace and a more unified world."



Cadet Trent Dial


Country: Dominca


Mission: Instructed military tactics to the Dominican Cadet Corps during cadets summer training.


Outcome: "I learned to build relationships with Dominican cadets by focusing on our commonalities and overcoming our cultural differences."


Cadet Jesslyn Clark



Country: Kosovo




Mission: Instructed English to the Kosovo Security Force (KSF)




Outcome: "I was able to partake in a great life experience and witnessed first hand how to engage people from different cultures and militaries."


Cadet Kenneth Music



Country: Chile



Mission: Taught English to the Chilean military as part of the Cadet English Language Training Team (CELTT) mission, and conduct a cultural immersion with the local people.



Outcome: "I leanerd to appreciate different cultures around the world and effectively cooperate with foreign counterparts."