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The Fighting Mules Scholarship offers up to $1,500 for incoming freshmen.

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Instructions for completing 104-R


1) This is YOUR academic plan.  Make it count.  This becomes part of your contract.  This form is YOUR responsibility, not your academic counselor, not your Military Science Instructor.  After contracting, significant changes (to include changing majors) are very hard to make happen if possible at all.  Single course elective swaps are not much of a problem.

2) Information used to complete Block 5 should be obtained from an instructor in the Military Science Department after you complete Block 7.

3) 104-r’s must be typed.

4) Save an electronic copy as you must update this from time to time.

5) Use your course catalog to ensure your meet all:

a. General Education Requirements.
b. Major Specific Requirements.

6) You academic advisor will:

a. Check your plan for completeness and viability once you present a complete plan to them that has first been checked by a Military Science Instructor.
b. Sign your 104-R when complete.

7) Your academic advisor will not:

a. Check your 104-R at that exact time—schedule an appointment.
b. Fill out your 104-R for you.
c. Type your 104-R for you.

Questions?  -- Call the Military Science Department at 660-543-4863.