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Robert L. Marshall building

Our Building Gets a New Name


On April 8, 2005 the training building on the grounds of the Missouri Safety Center's Highway Safety Instructional Park was named the Robert L. Marshall Building in an official dedication ceremony. A complete copy of Dr. Marshall's acceptance speech can be downloaded below his signature.

"When you name a building for someone, others in this case, the faculty, staff, and students should be acknowledged for their contributions in bringing this about. When the students leave CMSU they do well. Our graduates includes chiefs of Police, Directors of Safety in industry and government, college Presidents, Deans of Universities, Fire chiefs, college professors and many other job categories in this country and overseas. The naming of this building for me was a complete surprise! I am humbled by the honor but want you to know that there were many individuals and organizations involved in this 38 year effort."

Thank you,
Dr. Robert L. Marshall

Download the pdf file