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School of Environmental, Physical & Applied Sciences

Humphreys Building, Room 225
Phone: 660-543-4626
Fax: 660-543-8142
Email: Dr. Leigh Ann Blunt, Chair

School of Environmental, Physical & Applied Sciences

Welcome to the School of Environmental, Physical and Applied Sciences. The school is part of the College of Health, Science and Technology and is home to long-standing, highly rated and sought-after programs.

Biochemistry and Chemistry Programs

The Biochemistry and Chemistry programs have a long-standing tradition of educating students in the traditional areas of chemistry and new expanding programs within our disciplines. There are also many exciting pre-professional programs available for our students. The Biochemistry amd Chemistry programs at UCM exist to provide active, modern undergraduate programs in chemistry:

  • To serve the intellectual needs of students seeking a liberal education
  • To serve the technical and general educational needs of students
  • To prepare professional chemists and teacher
  • For students planning careers in health, science, and engineering fields.

Chemistry offers one Bachelor of Arts, four Bachelors of Sciences undergraduate degrees and one minor.

Earth Science

Earth Science is a student-centered program that integrates excellent teaching, research, scholarship and service to prepare for future success. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality courses that we consider to be competitive with any university.  Among the faculty there is practical experience in the areas of mining and mineral exploration, petroleum geology, environmental/engineering geology, hydrology, paleontology and science education. Many of these experiences are brought to the classroom.

Earth Science offers a B.S. Degree in Eduation leading to certification to teach Earth Sciences in grades 9-12 and an Earth Science minor.

Geography Program

The Geography program is a "big picture" discipline and serves as an important bridge or liaison between the social, physical and mathematical sciences. In other words, it incorporates aspects of many other fields such as geology, history, biology, and anthropology. Geography is a core discipline in our campus curriculum and excellent preparation for life in a complex and fast-paced world.

Geography offers important analytic tools for careers in areas such as planning, criminal justice, agriculture, environmental studies and international affairs. Spatial data analysis, cartography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are some of the hottest areas in the global workplace. Geography offers two minors and a graduate certificate.

Physics Program

The future depends greatly on how people solve the world's problems, and problem solving is what physicists do best. From work in biophysics to quatum computation, there are abundant opportunities in the sciences. The program offered by UCM prepares students for these rewarding careers.

The physics degree programs at UCM provide a balanced curriculum of classroom instruction and practical laboratory experience. Physics offers one B.S. in Education degree and one minor.

Safety Sciences Programs

The Safety Sciences programs provide diverse safety and health programs for the undergraduate and graduate students. The program offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Safety Management, and Occupational Safety and Health. In conjunction with these degree the department offers minors in Safety and Fire Science. The Department also offers Master of Science degrees in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety Management. The curricula are designed to enhance the professional success of the student. The faculty will provide opportunities for the student to develop communication and problem solving skills, networking and an understanding of safety and health values.

Dr. Leigh Ann Blunt, Chair  School of Environmental, Physical and Applied Sciences



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