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Be Careful!

It's very important to exercise caution regarding any correspondence (regular mail or email) you may receive in connection with your federal student loan(s). Such a contact may appear to be 'official', may be marked 'confidential', 'open immediately', or 'final notice', and may even include a seal that looks very much like the insignia of the U.S. Department of Education or another federal agency.

Most of these 'time-sensitive' letters or emails, however, are actually advertisements from private lenders and loan servicing agencies offering loan payment or consolidation programs. Be cautious about contracting for the services of such organizations. These types of aggressive (and sometimes misleading) solicitations are normally of little interest to students who attend UCM.

If you have concerns or questions about any aspect of your federal loan funds (application, processing, repayment, etc.), the UCM Office of Student Financial Services staff will be pleased to provide you accurate and easy-to-understand information.