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Scholarship Regulations for Current UCM Students

  • To be eligible to receive an undergraduate scholarship from University of Central Missouri, a student must:      
    1. Be admitted to University of Central Missouri
    2. Meet minimal criteria as stated in the description of the scholarship
    3. Maintain regular student status. Students enrolled part-time or those placed on academic probation may not be eligible for a UCM scholarship. Click here to view renewal criteria.
    4. A scholarship recipient may be enrolled in less than 12 hours and receive a pro-rated amount of the award value under the following conditions:
        • Be enrolled in a University-approved internship or student teaching
        • Be a last semester senior completing a degree program

  • A student may benefit from more than one UCM scholarship/program. The combined total from University funding may be used only toward payment of University tuition, non-resident fees, campus housing (double occupancy rate) and meal plan costs. The combined total from University funding may not exceed the recipient’s actual charges for University tuition, non-resident fees, campus housing (double occupancy rate) and meal plan costs.

  • No portion of a University-funded merit scholarship may be disbursed to the recipient in the form of a refund.

  • An eligible student may receive a Missouri Bright Flight Scholarship in combination with the University merit scholarship assistance the individual has been awarded.

  • Funding for the University merit scholarship programs cannot be guaranteed for students who enroll for summer sessions. Depending on the availability of sufficient funding, financial support may be available to qualified summer session students, but cannot be guaranteed. To determine availability email or call 660-543-4541.

  • A scholarship may be reduced or canceled if the recipient is found to have fraudulently misrepresented any information on his or her application for admission documents or engages in serious misconduct which results in a disciplinary penalty.

  • Please note: UCM scholarships may be reduced or canceled in the event the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors determines a financial exigency exists or state appropriations are substantially reduced to such an extent that funding is not available.