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Frequently Asked Questions


How will I receive my student bill?

Paper billing statements are mailed to the permanent home mailing address on file approximately six weeks before the semester begins. Subsequent semester billing statements will be generated electronically each month (e-Statement), resulting in an email notification to the student and any Authorized User. Visit the Tuition and Billing page for more information about billing, payments, refunds and outstanding student account balances.

May I keep a credit balance for future charges?

Credit balances are typically refunded automatically, therefore credits cannot be held for future terms.

How is my balance satisfied if I have a Graduate Assistantship?

Your Graduate Assistant contract will determine the benefits you receive. Please visit the Graduate Studies page for additional information.

What is an E-Check?

An e-check may also be referred to as a "web check", which is an electronic debit to your bank account. The debit occurs electronically by using your routing and account number from your paper check.

Why is my Payment Center balance different from my new e-Statement?

The Payment Center balance may reflect activity that has occurred since the last e-Statement. An e-Statement is valid for the period in which it is generated.

Who do I contact if my Financial Aid is not showing on my student bill?

Please contact the Student Financial Services office at (660) 543-8266 or utilize the online service request.

Can I add my books to my tuition bill?

The University Bookstore may allow students to charge up to $500 per semester to their student account for the cost of required textbooks. Please see the Tuition and Billing page for payment options.

What are mandatory fee charges?

Mandatory fees are charges assessed to students for certain items in addition to tuition. Such fees include rates for technology, student activities and other designated required fees. The Board of Governors sets these rates annually.


How do I apply for Financial Aid?

To apply for financial assistance to help you attend the University of Central Missouri, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Admission to UCM
  2. Be Considered for Scholarships
  3. Get Your FSA ID
  4. File Your FAFSA

Am I eligible for Financial Aid?

How much Financial Aid will I get?

After your FAFSA is processed, you will receive an award notification directing you to MyCentral. Your individual aid package will include all funding you are eligible for through UCM.

How do I check the status of my Financial Aid?

You may check the status of your financial assistance by clicking the Student Services tab at the MyCentral portal and navigating to the Financial Aid Checklist.  This checklist is a tool to assist you in identifying any incomplete financial aid requirement(s) and linking you to resources to complete the requirement(s). 

Looking for a quick way to review a summary of your processed aid? Click on the Student Services tab and navigate to the My Account box.  Here you can view a summary of your charges and your financial aid awards.  Items found under the View Memo’d Aid link have not yet been fully processed as payments to your UCM account and can not be subtracted from the balance due.  Items found under the View Authorized Aid link are fully processed and can be subtracted from your account balance.   Following are some of the reasons your aid may still be in memo’d status:

Where do I find the financial aid forms I need?

Please visit the Forms and Documents page and choose the corresponding academic year to find the correct form.

How do I get a Tax Return Transcript?

There are several ways to provide Student Financial Services an IRS version of the Tax Return Transcript. You can pick one of the following options:

1. Call it in:

  • 1-800-908-9946
  • Enter your Social Security Number
  • Enter the house number only of your address
  • Choose "Tax Return Transcript"
  • Send it to SFS when you receive it--be sure to put the student's 700# on it (expect it to arrive in 5-10 days).

2. Order it by mail (online): Visit the IRS "Get Transcript" page and follow the "Get Transcript by MAIL" prompts.

3. Download it Online: Visit the IRS "Get Transcript" page and follow the "Get Transcript ONLINE" prompts.

Still having trouble? Try the Live Chat or email features the IRS Offers by visiting the IRS web page.

Please note that victims of identity theft will receive an online message or letter (if requesting by mail) which will provide specific instructions to request a transcript. You may also want to visit the IRS Identity Protection page for more information.

What happens if I drop a class?

If you stop attending one or more of your classes after the 5th day of the semester, and officially cancel the class from your schedule, you’re considered to have withdrawn from the class. A refund of tuition/fees will be processed for you in accordance with the date you withdrew from the class and UCM’s tuition/fee refund policy. The class will remain on your schedule for the semester with a grade of W, WP, or WF.

If withdrawing from one or more classes results in you being enrolled less than full-time, adjustments normally will not have to be made to any financial assistance that has already credited to your UCM account. However, any types of assistance that require full-time enrollment, but have not yet been credited to your UCM account, will be canceled.

If your enrollment status changes to less than half-time, you'll forfeit any undisbursed Stafford(student) Loan or PLUS (parent) Loan payments, in addition to the adjustments described above. The Federal Direct Loan Servicing Center will automatically be notified that you're enrolled at UCM less than half-time, which can impact your federal loan repayment 'grace' period.

Please also be advised that if youstop attending (or otherwise participating in) one or more of the class(es) for which you've enrolled, you're defined as having withdrawn from the classes(es) as of the date you stop attending/participating (for purposes of determining if financial aid adjustments are required). Be sure to officially withdraw from any class you elect to stop pursuing. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for payment of a higher-than-necessary amount of tuition/fees and may receive a grade(s) of F.

Dropping a Class
Withdrawing from UCM
Return of Title IV Aid and Additional Financial Aid Policies

What are parent loans?

A Federal Parent PLUS is a loan funded by the federal government and is available only to biological or adoptive parents of undergraduate FAFSA applicants who are classified as dependent and who are enrolled at least half-time. The loan is to help pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance.

Parents completing an electronic PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) or Direct PLUS Loan Request must use their own FSA ID, and not their child's FSA ID. Please visit Federal Student Aid for additional information or Student Loans to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan.

Parents with an adverse credit history may be denied the PLUS loan. In this case, you may pursue the following options:

  1. Do not pursue the loan. (The student may be eligible to receive additional Stafford loans.)
  2. Obtain an endorser. (The parent may find a credit-worthy individual to co-sign the loan.)
  3. Appeal the decision. (Supply documentation to the U.S. Department of Education to request the loan to be approved based on extenuating circumstances related to your adverse credit history.)

How do I apply for the Parent Loan?

First time borrowers must submit a Direct PLUS Loan Request at Student Loans using their own FSA ID, not their child's FSA ID. If the loan is approved, and the Parent would like the loan to pay toward the student's educational expenses, a Master Promissory Note (MPN) must also be completed at Student Loans.

What are private educational or alternative loans?

Private Educational (Alternative) Loans are non-need-based programs that can help bridge the gap between the total cost a student incurs to attend UCM and the funding being received from federal, state and other financial aid programs. Visit our Private Educational (Alternative) Loan page for additional information.

What is verification?

In accordance with federal financial aid regulations, the data entered on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by many federal aid applicants must be verified for accuracy. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects the majority of the FAFSA applicants who are required to undergo Verification. However, the UCM Office of Student Financial Services also has the authority to select applicants, and is the office that actually conducts the Verification process. If you're selected for FAFSA Verification, your eligibility for federal financial assistance for the award period will be finalized after this process has been completed.

If FAFSA Verification is required, you'll be contacted by the UCM Office of Student Financial Services, and advised of the documents that must be submitted and/or action(s) that must be taken. Read more about required verification documentation on the Financial Aid Policies page.


How do I change my mailing or contact information?

If your permanent mailing address or personal email address needs to be updated, please contact the Registrar; local mailing addresses and phone numbers may be updated in your MyCentral account.

How do I email Student Financial Services?

Please use the online Service Tracking feature to email the Office of Student Financial Services. (FERPA applies to information released.)

Can I send my forms to SFS electronically?

You may fax forms and documents to (660) 543-8080 or contact our office at (660) 543-8266 to receive an email address that accepts attachments.

Where is the SFS Office?

Student Financial Services is located in the Ward Edwards building, suite 1100.

Who do I contact with questions about...

What are the office hours?

The week before Fall classes begin, University office hours will be 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Student Financial Services will also be open (abbreviated hours) the Sunday before Fall semester classes begin; the hours will be posted via "Campus Announcements" in MyCentral.

The week before finals in May, University office hours change to 7:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Scheduled University Office Closures due to Holidays or weather can be viewed on the Academic Calendar.

How can I find my student ID (700) number?

You may submit your personally identifying information in the Banner ID Retrieval form to obtain your student ID number, commonly referred to as your 700 number.

Will I get a refund?

Please see the Refunds section on the Tuition and Billing page.

How do I set up direct deposit?

The student may set up direct deposit by logging into their MyCentral account and entering the UCM Payment Center via the link on the Student Services tab. Once in the payment center, click on the eRefunds tab to enter the routing and account number to either your checking or savings account.


Are there scholarships for international students?

Information regarding UCM scholarships for international students is available through International Admissions and MoCents, the University's online scholarship application.

Can students from other countries get U.S. financial aid?

Federal Aid is dependent on your citizenship or immigration status. Please see the section "I am not a U.S. Citizen" on the flyer "Can I get financial aid?"

When is my payment due?

Full payment for each semester is as follows:

  • Fall semester is due August 20
  • Spring semester is due January 20
  • Summer semester (if applicable) is due May 20

Visit the Tuition and Billing page for more information about billing, payments, refunds and outstanding student account balances.

I'm getting a loan from my bank in India; can I use Flywire?

Yes, please see specific details at to understand how the process works. Other payment options are discussed on the International Payment page.

How much should I pay?

Please refer to the tuition and fee charges on the I-20 that was prepared for you by the International Office. Student Financial Services can only accept payment per semester for what is billed; this will include:

  • tuition
  • mandatory fees
  • international insurance (amount varies)
  • new student fee ($50), charged only the first semester
  • international student services fee ($100 per semester)
  • room and board - only if living on campus and billed by Housing

These totals are included on the I-20 as a total for two semesters. You will need to divide the charges listed above in half to get the estimated cost per semester.

Overpayment to the University is not permitted, therefore, if bringing a demand draft, ensure the amount is only for the amount expected to be billed. A letter has been prepared for bank managers that would like official clarification.


If a financial hold is placed on my records, how can I get the hold released?

The Account Holds section on the Tuition and Billing page provides information regarding different types of holds placed by Student Financial Services.


How do I get my College Plan (529 Plan) payment to SFS?

The Account owner must contact their plan administrator to begin the process. Once the account owner has completed all required documentation with their plan administrator, the prepaid program will either mail payment to the University on the student's behalf or send UCM a third party billing authorization letter.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Installment payments are accepted each semester and incur a 1.5% monthly installment plan fee. Students must make minimum payments each month in order to keep their account in good standing. Visit the Tuition and Billing page for more information about semester payment options and installment payment plan due dates.

When are payments due?

Full payment for each semester is as follows:

  • Fall semester is due August 20
  • Spring semester is due January 20
  • Summer semester (if applicable) is due May 20

Visit the Tuition and Billing page for more information about billing, payment methods and installments, refunds and outstanding student account balances.

What payment options are available?

Visit the Payment Information section on the Tuition and Billing page for information regarding payment options.

How do I calculate the minimum payment amount?

If financial aid (defined as grants/scholarships/loans) does not pay the balance in full, payment of at least 20% is due each month.


Total Due – financial aid = balance due
Balance due ÷ 5 payments (3 for summer) = amount of 1st payment
Remaining  original balance due + additional charges since first payment ÷ 4 (# of payments remaining) = amount of 2nd payment
Remaining balance due + additional charges x 1.5% ÷ 3 = amount of 3rd payment, and so on for 4th and final payments

Where do I get my 1098T showing the amount paid for the tax year?

The 1098T is available in the MyCentral UCM Payment Center (e-Statements tab) by the end of January each calendar year if you have elected to receive it electronically. If you have opted to receive a paper copy, it will be mailed by the end of January. Step-by-step instructions are available to provide additional details, as well as a video tutorial.

Can I use the 1098T when I file taxes?

Consult the IRS or your tax preparer for guidance.

Are there jobs available on campus to help me pay?

Various employment opportunities are available that may allow you to work on or near campus.


How do I find a scholarship for my major?

Information regarding UCM Foundation scholarships is available through MoCents, the University's online scholarship application.

How do I apply for a UCM Freshman Scholarship?

Your high school transcript and the information you provide on University of Central Missouri's application for admission are reviewed to determine your eligibility for freshman academic scholarships. Students must submit the online scholarship application to be considered for UCM’s Missouri Boys State/Girls State Scholarship and UCM Foundation Scholarships.

Where can I find more scholarships to apply for?

Information about scholarships external to UCM is available on the SFS Scholarships page under External Scholarships.

What do I do if I receive a scholarship check?

Complete details on how to submit your off-campus scholarship check(s) are located on our scholarships page.

What if I improve my H.S. GPA or ACT score? (Incoming Freshmen)

Your scholarship eligibility will be reconsidered if your 7th semester high school cumulative gpa is higher than your 6th semester and/or your ACT composite score improves on or before the April national ACT test. Please note: Scholarship reconsideration is contingent upon receipt of your official 7th semester high school transcript and/or the receipt of your official ACT scores by the Office of Admissions, University of Central Missouri, Ward Edwards 1401, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

What if I lose my UCM Scholarship due to ineligibility?

Certain UCM renewable scholarships may be reinstated. To be considered for reinstatement, earn the required grade-point average and maintain status as a full-time (at least 12 undergraduate credit hours ) UCM undergraduate student each semester. See reinstatement information under "Current Students" on the Scholarships page for more details.

Are scholarships available for transfer students?

Students transferring from an accredited 4-year or 2-year, private or public college or university may be considered for a scholarship.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive a UCM scholarship?

Most of the UCM scholarships require full-time enrollment (earning a minimum of twelve undergraduate hours per semester at UCM). However, if otherwise eligible, you may be enrolled in less than twelve hours and receive a proportional amount of the award value under the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled in a University-approved off-campus internship
  • Be a last semester senior completing a degree program

Can my conduct affect my UCM Scholarship eligibility?

Scholarships may be reduced or cancelled if the recipient fraudulently misrepresents any information or engages in serious misconduct warranting substantial disciplinary penalty.

Video Tutorial

Accept Financial Aid in MyCentral

Step-by-step, printable instructions are available, and/or you may watch the video to learn how to view, accept, or decline financial aid award offers.

Apply for Federal Aid and Check for UCM Requirements

Step-by-step, printable instructions are available, and/or you may watch the video to learn how to receive a Federal Financial Aid Award from the UCM Student Financial Service Office.

Parent PLUS Application Information and Process

Information about the Parent PLUS Loan for Undergraduate, dependent students can be found on the Federal PLUS (Parent) Loan page and Federal Student Aid.

Tax Statement (1098T) for Students

The 1098-T is a tax statement provided by the end of January for students by the University. The statement meets IRS requirements for reporting qualified tuition expenses for use by eligible tax payers. Tuition, scholarships, and grants are reflected on the 1098-T. Step-by-step instructions are available in addition to the video below.