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Parent Information

Transitioning to college life is as challenging for parents as it is for students. Parents provide invaluable support for their students and have a vested interest in their success at UCM. As students join the UCM community, one of the biggest changes is the transition of information access and privacy rights from the parent to the student. The Student Financial Services staff is committed to helping students and their families adapt and prepare for this new way of life.

We encourage parents to continue to play an active role by providing guidance and support, but understanding college finances is a part of your student's educational process. Therefore, all notifications - including bills, financial aid information, and deadline reminders - are sent to the student. If you will help your student manage financial life while they are enrolled, we strongly suggest you and your student discuss the Authorization to Release Educational Records form (FERPA) and Authorized User Access.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Requirements

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University of Central Missouri cannot release personally identifiable information from a student's educational records, including student account information, to another party (spouse, parent, sponsor, etc) without written consent.

In order to access information regarding your student's financial aid status, eligibility, billing, or payment information in specific detail, under FERPA guidelines, your student must complete the Authorization to Release Educational Records form.

Additional information about FERPA can be found online at the Office of the Registrar.

Authorized User Access

Are you assisting with your student's finances and would like access to billing information? Your student can designate Authorized Users.

Authorized Users are individuals that have been granted access to the UCM Payment Center by the student.

Designating an individual as an authorized user will allow them access to:

  • Receive emails in regard to billing statements
  • View account balance, activity and payment history
  • Make payments using an electronic check (eCheck), credit or debit card
  • Retrieve the 1098T form
  • View anticipated financial aid totals that may apply to the balance

Authorized Users do not have access to students' stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information. In addition, it does not give the office of Student Financial Services permission to discuss the student's financial records with you.

Please note: MyCentral login information should not be given out. Authorized users will be emailed a separate link that will allow access to the UCM Payment Center.

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Worksheet is a terrific tool to help parents and students develop a financial plan each academic year. There are many other resources and tools on our Financial Literacy page.

Parent PLUS Loan Refund

If you have borrowed a Parent PLUS Loan, the loan will be applied to your student's outstanding balance for tuition, room and board and other authorized charges. If there are funds available in excess of what the student owes, the refund/credit balance will be sent to the parent directly by check. If you choose to designate all or part of the refund to be paid to the student, you must indicate this during the application process.