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Wire Payments

Flywire Benefits:

How Flywire works

Visit Flywire to learn more about "How it works" and watch their YouTube channel to answer any question you may have about the process.

Documentation for Bank Managers

Some international bank managers, may ask for additional information regarding the methods of payment accepted by the University. The letter below has been provided for your convenience:

Memo Regarding International Payments

Additional International Payment Methods

U.S. currency (cash), checks from stateside bank accounts, and credit card payments are also accepted according to the same guidelines as domestic students; details are available on the Tuition and Billing page. Other accepted methods of international payment include:

Demand Draft

You may pay with a demand draft during scheduled office hours on the Warrensburg campus. Please note the following requirements:

  • The demand draft must be made in U.S. currency
  • Must be drawn on a bank located in the United States
  • Total amount of draft may not exceed charges billed for the semester
  • Pay to the order of the University of Central Missouri

Embassy or Government Sponsorship

If you are sponsored by your government, please ensure a copy of your financial guarantee has been provided to our third-party accountant, so that we may invoice the appropriate sponsor.

Fees or charges that are not covered by the sponsor's guarantee are due upon billing. Failure to remit payment by the billing due date will result in late fees being assessed and/or failure to process your registration for the following semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to see commonly asked questions regarding International Payments.