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Failure to Earn a Passing Grade

In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, the UCM Office of Student Financial Services is required to identify each undergraduate and graduate student who has received federal grant, loan, and/or employment assistance for a semester, but earns no grade other than an F for that semester. The purpose of this regulation is to determine if these aid recipients received F grades because they did not satisfactorily complete the requirements of their class(es) or because they elected not to attend classes or stopped attending prior to the normal completion date of the classes or, in the case of an on-line class, did not participate (or stopped participating) as normally expected/required.

Important! If a determination is made that you earned a grade of F due to lack of class attendance/participation, some (or even all) of the assistance that was credited to your UCM account for the semester may have to be reversed and returned to the U.S. Department of Education. This required action will normally result in you having a balance due the University of Central Missouri. Attending your classes is one of the primary responsibilities of all students who benefit from taxpayer-supported federal financial assistance!

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