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FAFSA Verification - 2010/2011 Award Year

For details about FAFSA Verification for the 2011/2012 year, click here.

In accordance with federal financial aid regulations, the data entered on the 2010/11 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by approximately 30% of all federal aid applicants must be verified for accuracy. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects almost all of the FAFSA applicants who are to undergo Verification, however, the UCM Office of Student Financial Services also has authority to select applicants, and actually conducts the Verification process. If you're selected for FAFSA Verification, your eligibility for federal financial assistance for the 2010/11 award period cannot be finalized until this process has been completed.

If FAFSA Verification is required, you'll receive an email from the Office of Student Financial Services outlining exactly what documents must be submitted. Following are the 2010/11 FAFSA Verification documents that normally must be provided to the UCM Office of Student Financial Services:

Please be advised that, if selected, you must complete the Verification process, even though you may have completed your FAFSA using the new IRS Data Retrieval process (available after July 1, 2010).

'Dependent' FAFSA Applicant

'Independent' FAFSA Applicant

If you and/or your parent(s) did not and will not file federal income tax returns for the 2009 year, be sure the second page of the 2010/2011 Verification Worksheet is fully completed. A separate letter of explanation may be submitted with the Verification Worksheet if you wish to more completely explain the taxed and/or untaxed income and benefits received during the 2009 calendar year by you, your spouse, and/or your parent(s), or to provide any other clarification.

Once all required documents have been received, the Office of Student Financial Services will compete the 2010/11 FAFSA Verification process, make the necessary data changes with the national FAFSA processing agency, and post the federal aid you've qualified to receive at your MyCentral Portal.

Documentation or written clarification other than the items normally required are sometimes needed by UCM to complete the 2010/2011 FAFSA Verification process. If this occurs, you'll be notified by email or telephone.

Important Deadline: If your 2010/11 FAFSA is selected to undergo the Verification process and if your FAFSA data was received by the UCM Office of Student Financial Services by the final day of your enrollment during the 2010/11 award year, you'll then have up to 120 days following this final day of enrollment to submit all required documents.