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Withdrawing From UCM

If you elect to stop attending all the classes you've enrolled for, this is defined as having withdrawn completely from UCM for the semester. A refund of tuition/fees will be processed for you in accordance with the date you withdrew and the UCM tuition/fee refund policy.

However, if you've ceased attending (or otherwise participating in) your classes prior to the 60% point of the semester, some (or even all) of the federal grant and/or loan assistance that was credited to your UCM account will have to be reversed. The amount will depend on your last recorded date of class attendance or participation as reported by your instructors. For detailed information about this important federal policy, click here.

In addition, any Federal Stafford Loan and/or PLUS Loan payments that may have been certified and approved, but not yet credited to your UCM account will be canceled. The Federal Direct Loan Servicing Center will also be notified that you’ve withdrawn from the University of Central Missouri, which will have an impact on your federal loan repayment 'grace' period.

The above actions are required for UCM to be in compliance with federal financial aid regulations and university guidelines.

Remember....if you stop attending (or otherwise participating in) one or more of the courses you enrolled for, you're considered to have withdrawn from the course(s) as of the date you ceased attending/participating, whether or not you've 'officially' dropped the class.

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