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Delinquent Student Accounts

Past due balances owed to UCM must be paid in full.  If you fail to meet your financial obligation a hold will be placed on your student account preventing you from adding/dropping classes.  A hold will also be placed on your academic records preventing the release of transcripts or diplomas.

Failure to pay may also result in your account being placed with a collection agency, which will result in an additional collection charge of up to 15% of the balance. The University of Central Missouri participates in the State of Missouri Debt Offset program.  Each week the names of student, faculty and staff who owe a past due balance to the university are submitted to the State of Missouri.  If a state tax refund is pending, the refund may be transferred to the university to be applied to the balance of the account.

Questions about a charge from another office on campus to your account? Click here for department contact information.