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Billing Information

Students who fail to stay current with their payment schedule will not be allowed to enroll in a future semester. Charges added to the account must be paid in addition to the regular scheduled payment.

Minimum Payments

Your student account is billed for the full amount due during each month. However, a minimum payment is allowed. For the fall and spring terms, up to five (5) time payments may be made after the initial payment. To determine the minimum payment allowed, divide the current bill by the number of scheduled payment dates remaining in the term. A fee of one and one-half percent (1.5%) of the unpaid account balance will be assessed each payment period on all balances (except for the months of January and August).

Late Payment Information

Keeping your payment plan current is essential to maintaining good financial standing. Untimely payments will result in a hold being place on future enrollment and transcripts until the account is brought current. If a class schedule has been made for a future semester and payment becomes delinquent, the future semester schedule will be deleted and academic records blocked. A collection fee of 15% is added when an account is placed with a third party for collection. Set a text reminder to make on time payments!

Expecting a Refund?

Federal financial aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Perkins Loan, and Stafford Loan) may be applied to allowable charges only (tuition, incidental fees, general fees, textbook rental fees and on-campus room and board charges).  You may authorize UCM to pay educationally related charges such as parking permits, library charges and child care expenses by logging in to MyCentral and completing the authorization. You may cancel or modify this authorization at any time with written notification to Student Financial Services, Ward Edwards Bldg Room 1100.  Your cancelation, once received, will immediately be in effect and cannot be retroactive. 

Only “authorized” aid can be refunded.  You may check your financial aid status in MyCentral by clicking the Student Services tab and navigating to the Financial Aid checklist.  This checklist is a tool to assist you in identifying any incomplete financial aid requirement(s) and links you to resources to satisfy the requirement(s).

If you have more financial aid than University charges, the credit will be processed at the end of the first week of the semester. Refunds can be directly deposited to your checking or savings account or sent by check. Refunds will continue to be processed on a weekly basis throughout the semester.

If you’re expecting to receive a non-UCM scholarship which does not yet appear on your account, the funds may not yet have reached the University.  Please contact the sponsor or donor of the scholarship and request that the check (made payable to UCM) be provided as soon as possible to Student Financial Services.

If you have finalized your federal aid and it appears on your UCM account, your refund will be available on the following schedule:

Direct Deposit: At close of business on the day following the end of the 100% refund period, we will process the electronic direct deposit file that we will deliver to the Federal Reserve. If you have set up your direct deposit account, you should expect to receive the deposit from the Federal Reserve to your bank account within two business days after the file is delivered to the Federal Reserve. Although direct deposit is not mandatory, it is the most efficient method of receiving your refund.

Check: At the close of the 100% refund period, if you have not set up a direct deposit account, your refund check will be printed and mailed. Please keep in mind that once the check is deposited in the U.S. Mail, there may be a few days mailing time before you receive the check. Checks are mailed to your on campus address or local address. To update your local address login to the secure area here. In the absence of a local or on campus address, your permanent address of record will be used.

How to set up direct deposit:

You can allow refunds to be sent directly to your bank account.   You will need information from your personal check or bank statement to set up your banking information.  To do this, set up and store your bank account information as a “Payment Profile”.  Log in to MyCentral, click on the “Student Services” tab and click on the link labeled “view and pay my bill”.  From the top navigation bar, click on the link labeled “My Profiles” and choose “Payment Profile”.  At the drop down box labeled “add a payment method” select “electronic check (checking/savings)” and enter “GO”.   Fill in the form with your bank routing number and checking/savings account number.  You will be asked to confirm the account number by entering the number in reverse. Be sure to click on the check box at the end of the form to allow us to deposit funds to this account.  Be sure to save your changes to this form. 

Authorized Users

You can give others (parents, employers, etc.) the ability to access your account information. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), your student financial records may not be shared with a third party without your written consent. Adding an authorized user is your written consent that an individual may view your account information and make payments on your behalf. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to your stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information. 

To add an authorized user, log in to MyCentral and click on the “Student Services” tab.  Click on the link labeled “view and pay my bill”.  From the top navigation bar, click on the link labeled “Authorized Users”.  Add your authorized user email.  The authorized user will receive a system generated email with their personal login information. 

Please note: When you delete an authorized user, that person will no longer be able to make payments to your accounts. Any scheduled or automatic payments by that person that have not already been applied will be cancelled.

Delinquent Student Accounts

Past due balances owed to UCM must be paid in full. If you fail to meet your financial obligation a hold will be placed on your student account preventing you from adding/dropping classes. A hold will also be placed on your academic records preventing the release of transcripts or diplomas.

Failure to pay may also result in your account being placed with a collection agency, which will result in an additional collection charge of up to 15% of the balance. The University of Central Missouri participates in the State of Missouri Debt Offset program. Each week the names of student, faculty and staff who owe a past due balance to the university are submitted to the State of Missouri. If a state tax refund is pending, the refund may be transferred to the university to be applied to the balance of the account.

We're Here to Help

Donna Bodenhamer, Director of Student Accounts, and her staff will be happy to assist you with your financial needs.