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Refund Deadlines

Refunds of instructional tuition and fees for a student-initiated reduction in credit hours prior to beginning of the course will be 100%.

During the first three weeks of the semester (for Fall and Spring terms), refunds are calculated at 100%, 50% or 25%. Due to the multiple sessions offerred in the Summer semester, refunds are calculated differently. Regardless of the semester or term, a complete list of refund and drop dates for your course schedule can be found by logging onto MyCentral.  Go to the 'Student Services' tab and choose 'Check Refund and Withdrawal Dates' under the 'UCM Registration' section. Refunds will not be calculated after the third week of classes. Please be advised that refunds are based on calendar days (not working days) and always include the first day of class.

Financial Aid Recipients

A federal financial aid recipient who drops one or more classes, or withdraws completely from the university, should be aware that this action may result in him/her being required to repay some (or even all) of the scholarship, grant and/or loan funds that were credited to his/her UCM account for the semester. The exact repayment obligation will be in accordance with the date of the drop/withdrawal, the types of financial aid received, and the last date of class attendance. Details about this policy may be reviewed by clicking here.


Students who find it necessary to withdraw completely from the University should initiate this procedure at the Office of Student Experience & Engagement. Financial aid recipients who withdraw from UCM will be required to repay the 'unearned' portion of the grant and loan assistance received for the semester, in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations.

Refund Appeals

A student who believes (s)he is entitled to a refund greater than the amount calculated by the above schedule may submit an appeal. However, exceptions to the refund schedule are generally considered only for very unique and extraordinary circumstances. The reasons and circumstances a student believes justify a larger refund must be outlined in the written appeal. Refund appeals must be filed within three (3) months of the withdrawal date for the course in question.

If you believe you qualify for an exception, a refund appeal must be filed as follows:

For complete semester withdrawals (you're dropping all of your courses) – Office of Student Experience & Engagement.

For a single or multiple class drops that do not result in full withdrawal from the University – Appeal via the Refund Portal