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15-To-Finish Scholarship
15-To-Finish Scholarship


Tuition and Fees

A University of Central Missouri education is an investment that will pay off throughout the course of your life, both financially and personally.
Tuition and mandatory fees are approved by the UCM Board of Governors each spring for the upcoming Academic Year.  Educational expenses for nine months will vary according to personal needs and course of study. All tuition and fee amounts provided herein represent the most accurate figures available at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending UCM may vary, depending on a student's classification, residency status, personal needs and spending habits. Where the course is taught will also affect cost. Please refer to the Cost of Attendance (Financial Aid Budget) section on our policies page to gain a reasonable idea of what your investment will be to attend full-time.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

The Board of Governors approves tuition and fees each academic year. Rates are normally effective each Fall, but are subject to change according to Board policy. All amounts shown in the Tuition and Fees Schedules, in other University publications or web pages represent tuition and fees as currently approved by the Board of Governors.

2018-2019 Academic Year
2017-2018 Academic Year

Net Price Calculator

As a prospective student, you may estimate how much your family will need to contribute for one year at UCM using the Net Price Calculator.

Billing Information

The University of Central Missouri provides online access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We encourage you to log in frequently in order to monitor your account activity.

Billing statements are generated monthly, available online and are not mailed. Email notificatione are sent to the official UCM email account as well as to any Authorized User. The email will direct you to log into the UCM Payment Center to view the statement. Any "Amount Due" balance not paid by the stated due date will result in a 1.5% installment fee charge each month. See below for the start of term billing dates.

Start of Term Billing Schedule

Charges Billed

Tuition and mandatory fee charges will automatically be placed on your bill, and if applicable, other fees* posted may include:

  • Program fees
  • Course fees
  • Residence Hall
  • Meal Plan
  • Health Insurance
  • Unpaid Parking Tickets
  • Unpaid Library Fines
  • One-time Student Charges such as the New Student fee
  • Parking Permit ($50 per semester) if you choose
  • The University Bookstore may allow you to charge books (up to $500 per semester) to your account by using your Student ID number

If your financial aid does not cover all of the charges, you may make payments to UCM or seek other payment methods.
*Not an all-inclusive list

View and Read Your Bill

The Student Schedule and Bill can be viewed in the UCM Payment Center found on the Student Home tab in MyCentral or via the Parent/Authorized User link.

Any authorized* or pending** financial aid will be listed as a credit(s) on your billing statement, although only authorized aid will be deducted from the amount owed. Other credits routinely shown on the statement may include:

  • Alternative Loans
  • Choose Red Grant
  • Scholarships
  • TRIO
  • Pre-paid Housing Deposit
  • Any personal payments you have made
    • Checks may be listed as ACH if processed electronically

Questions may be directed to our office at (660) 543-8266 or for details about a specific charge, you may contact the department which applied the charge.

If the "Amount Due" on your Student Schedule and Bill is shown as a:

  • Negative number, this is a "credit" on your account; you may anticipate a refund.
    • Please see the Refunds section for additional information.
  • Positive number, this is a "balance," which is considered your out-of-pocket portion.
    • This is due the 20th of August (Fall), January (Spring), May (Summer) or you may make installment payments according to schedule.

    * All steps are completed (promissory note/loan counseling received, aid accepted, etc) and requirements (credit hour enrollment, SAP, GPA) are met.
    ** More action required from you in order for the aid to pay to your student account at the time of disbursement

    Please borrow responsibly by accepting only what you need and/or reducing loans to avoid getting a refund when possible.

Payment Information

Semester Payment Options

Students are required to pay their account balances by published deadlines using one of the following payment options:

  • Payment in full
  • Installment Payment Plan
  • Confirmed Financial Aid greater than account balance

Students must pay all outstanding balances and/or be current on their payment plan before being eligible to re-enroll or receive transcripts. Please ensure that you meet the payment date deadlines to keep your student account in good standing to avoid having a hold placed on the account. Learn more about Fall & Spring semester or Summer semester payments.

All students are obligated to pay promptly all charges owed on their account, including payment plan fees, collection agency referral fees, and other reasonable collection costs to collect unpaid balances.

Methods of Payment - Online/Mail/In Person

UCM accepts payment by the following methods:

  • Money Order/Cash/Demand Draft - No service fee
    • In person: Student Financial Services Office, Ward Edwards, Suite 1100
  • Debit Card - No service fee
    • UCM Payment Center via the MyCentral student portal ( or the Authorized User portal (Learn about Authorized Users.)
    • In person: Student Financial Services Office, Ward Edwards, Suite 1100
    • PIN is required for in person transactions. Online debit is possible if your bank allows purchases without use of a PIN.

    • Check/Cashier's/Bank Certified/Travelers - No service fee*
      • UCM Payment Center via the MyCentral student portal ( or the Authorized User portal (Learn about Authorized Users.)
      • In person: Student Financial Services Office, Ward Edwards, Suite 1100
      • By Mail:
        • University of Central Missouri
          Student Financial Services
          PO Box 800
          Warrensburg, MO 64093

        Please include the student's name and/or 700# on the memo line of the check. Checks from certain types of accounts cannot be processed electronically through the UCM Payment Center (Ex: Trust, Money Market, Investment Account, College Savings Plan and Corporate Checks).

    • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) - Service Fee Applies
    • 529 College Savings Plan - No service fee
      • By Mail:
        • University of Central Missouri
          Student Financial Services
          PO Box 800
          Warrensburg, MO 64093

      Other state prepaid plans - Please see Third Party Payments

      Special Student Populations - Avoid Payment Plan Fees

      Financial Aid: Make sure your Financial Aid requirements have been completed and your aid is ready to disburse prior to the payment in full due date. If Financial Aid does not cover your entire balance, the remaining balance is due according to published payment dates.

      Third Party: Ensure your letter of credit or sponsorship voucher has been received in our office prior to the payment in full due date.

      Military and Veterans: Complete all required steps with the Office of Military and Veteran Services; completing the Veterans Certification Request Form each semester and providing your Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Certifying Official before the semester begins is imperative to avoid payment plan fees.

      Returned Payments

      *Personal checks written to the University of Central Missouri and E-checks will be electronically debited from the customer's checking account. Any check remittance returned by the bank as unpaid may be electronically submitted for repayment the maximum number of times allowed by law. In the event that the transaction is still returned unpaid, the customer agrees the student account will be charged a return check fee of $25 plus the original amount of the payment that was initially credited to the account.

Third Party Payments

Military and Veteran tuition assistance,Vocational Rehabilitation, Federal or State aid, Scholarships, and Employer tuition assistance are the most common forms of third party payments.

Please ensure all required applications and steps have been completed with the third party to ensure timely payment to your student account.

Remaining fees or charges not covered by the third party are due upon billing. Failure to remit payment by the billing due date will result in late fees being assessed and/or failure to process your registration for the following semester.

State prepaid plans (except 529 College Savings Plan) - The Account owner must contact their plan administrator to begin the process. Once the account owner has completed all required documentation with their plan administrator, the prepaid program will send UCM a third party billing authorization letter.

The Plan Administrator may mail documentation to:

University of Central Missouri
Student Financial Services
PO Box 800
Warrensburg, MO 64093

International Payments

Additional payment methods such as wire, government sponsorship, and demand draft information can be found on our International Payment page.

Installment Payment Plan Due Dates

As a service to our students and families, Student Financial Services offers a five-month intallment payment plan for Fall and Spring semesters and a three-month plan for Summer semester.

Fall and Spring Payment Dates

Fall and Spring Installment Payment Plan Dates

The University assesses a 1.5% monthly fee based on the unpaid balance for charges previously billed but not paid in full. The fee is assessed on the 16th of the month (Sep - Dec; Feb - May).

Summer Payment Dates

Summer Installment Payment Plan Due Dates

The University assesses a 1.5% monthly fee based on the unpaid balance for charges previously billed but not paid in full. The fee is assessed on the 16th of the month (Jun, Jul)

Miss a Payment?

Please contact our office at (660) 543-8266 or through the Student Financial Services online contact form so we can help you get current and plan future payments.Missing payment date deadlines may result in a hold placed on the account.

Account Holds

A hold on a student account may occur for many reasons; ultimately, its use is warranted when immediate action is needed by the student to resolve a concern. Student Financial Services may place a hold on an account for the following reasons:

  • The Student Financial Responsibillity Agreement has yet to be acknowledged.
  • Payment on your account is past due.
  • A charge remains on your account that your aid is not authorized to pay.
  • Your bank has returned your payment unpaid.


If you are considering dropping a class(es) to be entitled to a refund, ensure you withdraw by the Registrar's established deadlines.

Refunds from Excess Payments

If you have paid your account balance, then choose to drop a class within the Registrar's established refund deadlines, you may have a credit balance on your account.  Credit balances over $15 are typically refunded automatically each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the semester.  If you have Direct Deposit established in your UCM Payment Center, the funds will be sent electronically to your bank after the office closes on refunding days.  It may take your bank one to three days to credit your account.  If you do not have a valid account for Direct Deposit established, a check will be mailed to your local or campus mailing address the Friday after your refund is processed. Please note, if you paid with a credit card, the refund will be returned to that credit card.

Refunds from Financial Aid

If there is a credit balance on your account after educational charges are satisfied, you may be eligible to receive a refund. Your credit hour enrollment must be sufficient in order to receive and retain the aid that pays toward the charges. If you have dropped or withdrawn from some courses, there may be a required adjustment in your financial aid; see "Changes to Your Financial Assistance" on the Financial Aid Policies page.

Students may elect to receive their refund to the bank account of their choice by logging in to MyCentral and setting up an e-refund account. The e-refund account information is maintained by the student and is stored on a secure server at our hosted site. Students should review their account information periodically to ensure that it is up to date. A student may elect to receive their refund in the form of a paper check. In absence of a stored e-refund account, a check will be issued.

Parking permits, child care expenses, tickets and fines are examples of " educationally-related" charges that some students elect to have billed to their account. If you would like your excess financial aid to pay these charges, federal regulations require UCM to obtain your authorization. To consent, log into MyCentral, on the Student Services tab, click the link that says "Authorize Federal Aid," read the statement and if you agree, click the button to submit your authorization.

Appeal for a Tuition Refund

Tution and Mandatory Fees are automatically refunded to students according to the refund deadline schedule posted by the Registrar (available in MyCentral also). However, in cases where a student believes a refund should be granted which differs from the established schedule, an online refund appeal may be filed. Appeals should be filed only for very unique or extraordinary circumstances within three (3) months of the date he/she withdrew from the course. Once the appeal is received, it will be reviewed by an Academic Advisor from the college of your major. The reviewer may request additional information or documentation from the you, the instructor, or any other pertinent party. The process normally takes 2-3 weeks and the student will be notified via email regarding the decision.

Financial Aid Recipients: Refer to the Financial Aid Policies to understand how a change in the credit hours you are enrolled in may affect your aid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refunds

Please visit our Policy and Frequently Asked Questions page for common inquiries.

Outstanding Student Account Balance

The University of Central Missouri expects account balances to remain current throughout the semester if paying in installments. All tuition, fees and other charges must be paid in full by the end of each semester. Keeping your account in good standing is required in order to enroll and/or retain your class schedule for future semesters. Accounts with past due balances may have a hold placed, which may prohibit the release of transcripts.


Enrolled students must be current on their Installment Payment Plan in order to enroll and/or retain their class schedule for future semesters. Student Financial Services does understand that unexpected financial events may occur. If you receive notification that your class schedule may be cancelled, please contact our office so that we may work with you. Please be advised, the Student Financial Services office reserves the right to have the student registration withdrawn if special arrangements are made but the student fails to follow through.


Student Financial Services does understand that unexpected financial events may occur and impede your ability to pay in full. In cases when required monthly installment payments were not able to be met over the course of the semester, a past-term repayment agreement may be an option extended by the University. Repayment agreements are a short-term arrangement and are not a long-term financing option. Students with a repayment agreement may be able to enroll once their balance is satisfied in full.

Please note that University Policy requires past due balances must be paid in full prior to future enrollment or release of transcripts. Therefore, students that wish to return for the following semester may need to apply for loans with a private lender so their outstanding balance with the University is satisfied. Once the payment for the outstanding balance has cleared, the financial hold will be released.

If your permanent mailing address needs to be updated, please contact the Registrar; local mailing addresses can be updated in your MyCentral account.

Past Term Repayment Agreement Information

Repayment Agreements cannot exceed six months, are subject to a monthly payment plan fee of 1.5% of the unpaid balance, are due on the 15th of the month and require a signed promissory note.

  • You may always pay more than the minimum installment each month, but monthly payments must be made.
    • Missed payments may result in the account being referred to a Collection Agency.
    • Once referral to a Collection Agency occurs, repayment should be arranged with the agency.
  • Past term repayment agreements cannot be "extended" or "deferred."
  • The balance must be paid in full to release your financial hold.
  • Returned check balances cannot be included on a repayment agreement.
  • Any returned check balance must be paid in full prior to starting a repayment agreement for a prior term balance.
  • Early payoff is encourage; no penalty fee will apply.

    Write-Off Balances/Uncollectable Debts

    The University may choose to write-off balances it deems uncollectable. However, students remain responsible to pay any balance, including payment plan fees and collection agency referral charges, after a debt has been written-off. These balances must be paid in full to release transcripts, certificates or diplomas.

    Students who want to repay their written-off balance need to contact the Student Financial Services office to have the debt reinstated prior to paying. Once the written-off debt is reinstated, it may be subject to the resumption of payment plan fees.

    The Student Financial Services office reserves the right to resume collection activities on written-off balances. The only balances that students are not responsible for paying are those debts which have been legally discharged through bankruptcy filing and verified with the University of Central Missouri Legal Affairs and Risk Management office.

    Bankruptcy Filings

    Educational debts are not typically dischargeable through bankruptcy. Former students (or their legal representative) that wish to have debt considered for discharge, should provide written, court documentation of the bankruptcy filing including the chapter, case number, filing date and legal representative contact number.

    Once notice of bankruptcy filing is received, all formal collection efforts for the balance incurred prior to the bankruptcy filing will cease, pending the decision of the court.

    Placement with a Third-Party Collection Agency

    If the past due account holder cannot be reached and/or satisfactory payment plan arranged, the account is then referred to a third-party agency to pursue collection efforts on behalf of the University. Accounts placed with a third-party collection agency may be reported to the credit bureaus as allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means that the account holder may be adversely impacted when trying to apply for a loan, rent an apartment or pursue another activity involving a credit check.

    Student Financial Services is committed to working with students to avoid this scenario. Please help us by responding to emails, phone calls and mailed correspondence as well as ensure that you contact information is up-to-date in MyCentral. Permanent mailing address changes are updated through the Registrar; local mailing addresses can be updated in MyCentral. Please note: If you cannot access your MyCentral account, you can contact the Technology Support Center at (660) 543-4357 to have it reactivated.

    State of Missouri Debt Offset Program

    The Debt Offset Program is designed to facilitate the collection of debts owed by an individual to an agency of the State of Missouri. The University of Central Missouri receives state appropriations, therefore is an agent of the state. Non-enrolled debtors with a balance of $50 or more and in arrears of 60 days or longer, will be reported (as mandated) to the Missouri Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue will notify the taxpayer that the amount owed to the University has been deducted from the individual's State income tax return and forward the amount intercepted to the University so it may be applied to their past due blance.

    The debtor may contact Student Financial Services to speak with Customer Service or the Student Collection Accountant for additional information regarding his/her account. Student records will be held until the financial obligation is satisfied in full.

    The program gives the alleged debtor the right to file a written protest to the Student Financial Services Office for the validity of the debt. The appeal must be in writing and submitted within 30 days from the date the University receives the funds from the state. The following information must be contained in the appeal:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Your social security number
    • Type of debt in dispute
    • Detailed statement of all reasons you disagree with the debt amount or dispute that the debt is owed.

    Mail to:
    University of Central Missouri
    Student Financial Services/Offset
    PO Box 800
    Warrensburg, MO 64093

    The debtor waives their right to protest if he/she fails to file a written request within 30 days.

    Perkins Loan Repayment