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15-To-Finish Scholarship


Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in most states (including Missouri) is an agency designed to help persons with physical and/or mental impairments become gainfully employed. In the State of Missouri, the program is administered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

 A wide range of services are offered and the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor assigned to you will determine which services you may benefit from. An individualized plan for employment will then be developed to assist you in becoming employed. Its then your responsibility to put forth your best effort to complete this plan.

With regard to the financial aid programs available at the University of Central Missouri, one of the Vocational Rehabilitation services offered is training to prepare you for employment. At no (or reduced) cost to you, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation may pay some or all the costs you'll incur to attend UCM, including tuition and fees, books and required supplies, and even basic living and transportation expenses.

However, before these benefits can be approved by your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, you'll be required to apply for the other financial assistance for which you qualify. This includes completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Detailed information about applying for financial assistance to attend UCM is available on the Applying for Aid page.

Important: Please realize that the total amount of federal, state, UCM, and other financial assistance you may be receiving, including all Vocational Rehabilitation benefits for which you qualify (monthly 'maintenance' benefits too), is not permitted to exceed your assigned Cost of Attendance. In fact, your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor may even have to reduce your benefits according to the total amount of grant and scholarship assistance you're receiving.

Questions about applying for Vocational Rehabilitation benefits should be directed to your area Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Office.