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School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4439
Fax: 660.543.4578
Email: Dr. Doug Koch


School of Technology Facilities

The School of Technology has up-to-date labs offering the most current software applications and equipment suited for industrial instruction. Facilities are designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art technology. This is a necessity when preparing students for technical and management careers in the twenty-first century.

More information on facilities for disciplines not listed here are available by talking with the appropriate Program Coordinator or scheduling a tour to visit select facilities. Please call the School of Technology Office at 660-543-4439 or email to request an appointment within a particular program area

Links to the following program areas:
Automotive Technology Management
Design & Drafting Technology
Construction Management
Engineering Technology/Innovative Technologies
Graphic Arts Technology Management (GATM)
Professional Photography

Automotive Technology Managementautolab

The Automotive Technology Management program is considerably broader than auto technology, this program includes hands-on coursework in electrical theory, hydraulics and pneumatics, alternate fueled and hybrid/electric vehicles, management, communication as well as other advanced technical work areas. With over 30,000 square feet dedicated to laboratories and classrooms, UCM has some of the finest facilities and equipment available for automotive technology. These facilities include: chassis, engine and transmission dynos, two large labs with nine-lifts, alignment rack, an automotive machine shop, oil and fuel analysis equipment, and state of the art scanners and diagnostic equipment.

Design & Drafting Technology

Central Missouri's Design & Drafting Technology area is one of the most technologically advanced in the Midwest. Our facilities house some of the most sophisticated workstations and software available to industry today. We manage over 80 computer stations in three different labs. Our software includes 3D Studio-Viz, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Mechanical Desktop, Civil Desktop, Inventor, MicroStation, CAD key, 3D Home Design Suite, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft NT, Microsoft Office, and many others. We also house some top quality output devices for printing everything that you have created from "E" size prints to photo quality renderings and Dimension's 3D printing as featured in Jay Leno's Garage video.

Currently, we are working with industry to create the best environment possible for our students through the Sponsor-A-Room program.

Construction Management

The Construction Management program at UCM is a well balanced program preparing the student for field superintendent responsibilities as well as project management skills. Our facilities include the most up to date computer lab available with dual monitors so the students can access online plans while also completing estimating and scheduling assignments through the use of Suretrack, Winest, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Office software. We also have a state of the art concrete lab where gradation and cleanliness testing is performed on the aggregate and slump, air-entrainment, compression, and flexure testing can be performed on different concrete mixes. Our surveying class equips the students in the use of the builder's level, auto-level, theodolite, laser, and total station. We also have a dedicated print reading and project manual lab as well as a hands-on lab for training in tool safety and acceptable building practices.

We are currently renovating space for an additional 30 student classroom and a lab which will be used for constructing small wood frame and metal building as well as teaching basic skills in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

Engineering Technology/Innovative Technologies

A computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) cell has been recently acquired to meet industrially-identified west central Missouri competency gaps in the area of student understanding and competence in advanced manufacturing technology. The School of Technology provides the CIM Cell as a teaching tool for regional high schools and colleges during summer semesters and other convenient academic year periods. This is a direct tie-in to the national high school effort, Project Lead The Way (PLTW), to promote pre-engineering education to secondary students.

CIM Cell

Through the automation technologies of robotics, programmable logic controllers, computer integrated machining equipment, quality assurance measurement components, automatic storage and retrieval systems, barcode readers, and assembly equipment, students are trained and prepared to work in companies seeking to optimize product throughput in tandem with becoming more globally competitive. The CIM cell helps to address Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Manufacturing Education Plan competency gaps including business knowledge, manufacturing system understanding and supply chain management mastery. Students in Engineering Technology, Technology, Technology Education, Design & Drafting Technology, Business Administration, and Industrial Management are able to demonstrate these competencies through individual courses as well as through a capstone Computer Integrated Manufacturing course that ties together the components of the CIM cell. With the launch of the UCM Engineering Technology program two years ago, it became apparent that the best way to meet the needs of industry, and prepare students for manufacturing careers, was to provide them with a first class manufacturing automation cell for training during their academic studies.

Engineering Technology/Industrial Labs Descriptions and Photos

Graphic Arts Technology Management

Imaging Lab imaging lab
Our state-of-the-art Imaging lab contains twenty-one Macintosh G4's running the latest software for page layout, imposition, image manipulation, illustration and other graphic arts related processes. The lab is available for lecture, lab and is also available after-hours for out-of-class work.

Intro Lab 
The intro lab is a full-featured Macintosh lab running the latest software for page layout, illustration, and photo manipulation. The intro classes use this lab for lab sections, as well as out-of-class work.

Prepress Lab
The prepress lab is a facility used mainly for input and output. Conventional proofing is contained in this lab, as well as dye-sublimation digital proofing equipment, high-end output devices including a capstan imagesetter and our newest addition, an Agfa Avantra 25 drum imagesetter. This area also houses our in-house Windows NT network, and Torrent RIP system.

Press Lab 
The press lab contains equipment ranging from small sheet fed offset duplicators to a medium-format Heidelberg GTO 2-color sheet fed offset press. A two-color Didde web-fed press and letterpress converting equipment also reside here. Adjacent to the press lab (not pictured) is the flexo lab where two tag and label flexo presses provide experience in flexographic printing.

Professional Photography

Computer Labs
The Photography area has four separate computer labs containing current Macintosh and Windows based computers configured for imaging applications.  Professional software including the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom, Adobe CS4 Creative Suite, ProShow Gold, and other web design and multimedia applications are installed.  All computers are networked to a central server so files can be stored and accessed from anywhere in the area.
Darkroom & Processing Lab
Darkrooms and Processing Labs

We provide our students with the opportunity to borrow a wide range of professional photographic equipment, including portable lighting, cameras (medium format to large format, to digital), lenses, batteries, tripods, light meters, umbrellas, etc..

Portrait Studio
Commercial Studio

Print Finishing Lab
The print finishing lab gives students the opportunity to professionally mount their images for display and presentation.

Digital Imaging & Printing Facilities
Many digital color printers are available for students to output digital images. A well lit exhibit area allows for display and critique of prints.

Photos of Labs & Studios