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School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4439
Fax: 660.543.4578
Email: Dr. Doug Koch


Student Outcomes



The undergraduate technology programs are designed to prepare applied technology professionals who possess the abilities (skill and knowledge) needed to manage, operate and maintain a technological system. Students are given the choice of specializing in management, construction, electronics, manufacturing, quality systems, virtual media, or general technology. More specifically, the graduates of this program will:


Outcome 1: Apply mathematical, statistical and scientific principles to industrial situations to maintain and enhance the work within industry

Component 1

a. Apply mathematical & scientific principles to situations

b. Use appropriate statistical procedures to applications

Component 2

a. Able to specify robotic and automation systems

b. Use GD&T standards and interpret prints

Outcome 2: Use the computer efficiently as an essential tool in planning, monitoring, and controlling of work in industry

Component 1

a. Able to use computers proficiently in applications

b. Use computer software to analyze product designs

c. Able to use computers to program CNC & data collection

d. Able to use computers in production planning, monitoring, & controlling

Outcome 3: Understand management concepts of cost estimating, quality improvement, scheduling, production planning and control, industrial supervision, work design and ergonomics, and plant layout and materials handling

Component 1

a. Know material properties / characteristics

b. Know how heat can change a material's properties

Component 2

a. Know application for processes, tools and machines

b. Know how to plan, route and monitor production schedules

c. Know applied technology systems and applications

d. Know, use and promote safe work procedures

e. Use inspection, metrology and measurement procedures

f. Knowledgeable of material handling & automatic ID

Component 3

a. Know how to use production planning and control techniques

b. Know how to use statistical process control techniques

c. Know how to apply quality systems and improvement

d. Know how to use inventory planning and control techniques

e. Know how to plan and layout a plant

f. Know principles of cost justification, costs and economics

g. Know and be able to use information systems

h. Able to function in a team environment

Outcome 4: Communicate effectively in both individual and team situations using both oral and written communications

a. Able to articulate problems (orally and in writing)

b. Able to listen effectively

c. Able to interpret and convey technical information

d. Able to use computers in communications

e. Able to use interpersonal communication techniques

Outcome 5: Utilize critical thinking skills to solve industrial problems in both individual and team situations

Component 1

a. Use problem solving and critical thinking in a team

b. Can analyze and question technology situations & problems

c. Observe and document existing methods & procedures

d. Use critical thinking to reason and anticipate results

e. Know and use problem solving techniques

Component 2

a. Have a concern for the global environment

b. Are sensitive to human and cultural diversity

Component 3

a. Know and utilize effective leadership & supervisory traits

b. Set appropriate goals and plan their realization

c. Recognize and reflect ethical action and conduct

d. Identify potentially compromising situations

e. Abide by appropriate laws, regulations and standards