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School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4439
Fax: 660.543.4578
Email: Dr. Doug Koch

UCM School of Technology - Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

The faculty of the School of Technology at Central Missouri represent a range of academic and professional training.  All faculty hold degrees to their areas of specialization. Central Missouri's School of Technology students benefit from an experienced faculty who are actively engaged in their profession. 

Dr. Doug Koch Chair
Dr. Kyle Palmer  (Internship Coordinator) Assistant Chair
Dr. Scott Wilson Assistant Chair
Susie Pine Office Professional III
Lydia Cruse Office Professional III
Delinda Beneke Accountant I
Coleen Fritz Photography Lab Manager
Bill Whitby Automotive Lab Manager
Biba Shrestha Internship Graduate Assistant
Samantha Adams Graduate Assistant - Website/Graphic Design
Automotive Technology Management
Dr. Scott Wilson (Program Coordinator) Professor
Doug Short Assistant Professor
Alex Richards Assistant Professor
Vishal Bhosale Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Construction Management
Dr. David McCandless (Program Coordinator) Associate Professor
Joseph Kupersmith Assistant Professor
Jerry Penland Assistant Professor
Aaron Sauer Assistant Professor
Curtis Bradford Assistant Professor
Design & Drafting Technology
Dr. Kyle Palmer (Program Coordinator) Professor
Roya Azimzadeh Assistant Professor
John Guin Assistant Professor
Pam Hoyer Assistant Professor
Jane Minihan Assistant Professor
Richard Kahoe Associate Professor
Kimberly Gray Adjunct Faculty
Electronics/Networking Technology
Dr. Ronnie Rollins (Program Coordinator) Assistant Professor
Richard Lacy Assistant Professor
Jeff Banhart Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Berletic Instructor
Dr. Clarke Homoly Associate Professor
Tim Soto Adjunct Faculty
  Graduate Assistant - Teaching
Engineering Technology
Pam Hoyer (Program Coordinator) Assistant Professor
Adam Engeman Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Dr. Troy Ollison Associate Professor
Shelby Scott Instructor
Dr. Jeff Ulmer Associate Professor
Fashion: Textiles & Clothing in Business
Dr. Lynn Alkire (Program Coordinator) Professor
Melissa Abner Instructor
Keli Geisendorfer Instructor
Graphic Technologies
David Barabas (Program Coordinator) Assistant Professor
Dr. Mark Rankin Professor
Shannon Schroeder Adunct Faculty
Josef Zeman Adjunct Faculty
Industrial Management MS, Technology MS, and Technology Management PhD (Graduate Program)
Dr. Ronald Woolsey (Program Coordinator) Professor
Will Ford Ph.D Fellow
Cynthia Horta Ph.D Fellow
Yuri K. Hoverson Adjunct Faculty
Michael Rich Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Suhansa Rodchua Assistant Professor
Grant Townsend Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Jeff Ulmer Associate Professor
Innovative Technologies
Shelby Scott (Program Coordinator) Instructor
Dr. Jeff Ulmer Associate Professor
Professional Photography
Wilson Hurst (Program Coordinator) Assistant Professor
Robert Breshears Adjunct Faculty
Coleen Fritz Instructor
Shannon Meisenheimer Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Thomas Mitchell Assistant Professor
Dr. Terry Ownby Assistant Professor
Bryan Tebbenkamp Adjunct Faculty
Technology (Transfer)
Dr. Jeff Ulmer (Program Coordinator) Associate Professor