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School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4436
Fax: 660-543-4578
Email: Dr. Ronnie Rollins


Checklist for Obtaining a Quality Technology Internship

1. Discuss the internship with your departmental faculty advisor and determine the type of job that best suits your long-term career goals.

2. Identify possible intern sites by talking to your classmates, faculty advisor, department chair, program coordinator, and the Technology Internship Coordinator. Take full advantage of all networking opportunities through student clubs, field trips, job shadowing, attendance at industry speakers and trade shows, trade organization workshops, conferences, etc. Consult the Technology Internship website for a list of past internship locations that may be helpful to you.

3. Prepare a professional-looking resume. Sample resumes and help in writing your resume are available from the Career Services office in the University Union.

4. Mail a cover letter and resume to each of your prospective intern companies. Emails, with a resume attached in MS Word or PDF format, are also acceptable. Each letter or email message should be professionally written, proofread carefully, and sent to an individual (NOT to the Personnel Manager, or To Whom It May Concern). Sample cover letters are available from the Career Services office. Keep an accurate record of all correspondence with possible intern locations (include names, addresses and dates).

5. Follow up by email, phone, or in person in seven to ten days after the initial contact. Politely ask for an interview.

NOTE: Be willing to accept an internship position that may not meet your goals for a permanent job, but REMEMBER your internship should be a learning experience.

6. Fill out an Internship Registration Form AFTER obtaining the position. Be complete! Get all information! The Internship Coordinator WILL NOT approve an internship where information is missing from the registration form. (Forms are available from your department chair or the internship coordinator).

7. Take the Internship Registration Form to your departmental faculty advisor or the Chair of your department for his/her approval and signature.

8. Take the Internship Registration Form to the Technology Internship Coordinator for his/her approval and signature. You will be given a copy of the form for your records.  The technology internship coordinator or assistant will enroll you in either SOT 3022 for undergraduate credit, or SOT 5022 for graduate credit.

10. Pay your fees. Internships, as with all other course work, are charged at the standard rate. Credit cannot be given for internships if the tuition was not paid, for internships that were not approved by your department chair or departmental faculty advisor, and also the internship coordinator PRIOR to completing the work on-the-job.

Note: After you have started your internship, all course documents (Syllabus, examples, etc.) will be available to you via Blackboard.  All assignments are to be turned in using Blackboard.  Blackboard will contain detailed information on course requirements and provide due dates for assignments.