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School of Technology

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How Internships Benefit the Student

The internship experience is beneficial to students in many ways. Since firms normally treat applicants for internship as they would other applicants and since it is the students’ responsibility to secure the internship position, the search for employment is an important part of the learning experience. Students are required to develop career goals and systematically seek employment to satisfy these goals. Safe and professional work habits conducive to employment and promotion are developed. Internships build self confidence in the student, and help the student focus their career path; interns have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real world situations, and therefore learn their strengths and weaknesses and help students identify areas of needed improvement.

It has been repeatedly observed that students who have interned return to the classroom with a heightened focus and a significantly greater appreciation for the relevancy of their classroom and laboratory coursework. Students who have interned bring their experiences into the classroom discussion and improve the relevancy and vibrancy of the classroom climate. This heightened focus improves the classroom dynamic for all of the students in the course and for the instructor as well.

A significant side benefit to the academic programs within the School of Technology is the important professional relationships that develop between the company and the students and faculty of the University of Central Missouri. These professional relationships serve to help assure that the technology programs continue to reflect current industry practice.

Undergraduate Internships

The general purpose of an undergraduate internship is to provide practical, professional work experience that solidifies the theory and application of course work in the student’s area of specialty.

Graduate Internships

The general purpose of a graduate internship is to provide a higher level of practical, professional, managerial related work experience that reinforces the theory and application of their graduate coursework in the student’s area of specialty.