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THRIVE Program

You are invited to the THRIVE Open House:

2nd Monday in October
1st Monday in February


About our Program

Here are a couple videos about our program. Some were created by our THRIVE students and some were created by other UCM students.




The University of Central Missouri offers an outstanding program for young adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in a 2-year residential college experience. With a focus on building the knowledge and skills to transition from home to independent living, and from school to the workplace.

Parents say, "that their students become more independent than they ever thought possible".

THRIVE's mission is to empower students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be an independent, participating members of their communities.

The philosophy focuses on self-determination as exmplified by the six threads of the THRIVE program.





The 6 Threads of the THRIVE Program

  • Transformation

  • Health

  • Responsibility

  • Independence

  • Vocation

  • Education

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The succes of this program is measured by student outcomes that demonstrate equality of opportunit, full participation, independent living and self-sufficiency. Upon satisfactory completion of the program requirements, students will earn a two-year Certificate of Success focusing on a certain job/independence skill. While seeking a certificate of success, students 18-25 years of age will participate in seminars, classes, and courses for credit, to develop: self-reliance, dependence, new skills, wellness practices, job skills, and aptitude The students are integrated with degree-seeking students in University Housing, Campus Activities, Social Activities, and Classes. Students with potential for earning a college degree will be guided toward the general admissions process of the university after showing staff the ability during the first semester of the program.

The THRIVE program is the recipient of the 2015 Inclusion Award, which is given by the Governors Council on Disability.

UCM's program is a Comprehensive Transition Program that is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer financial aid to students with intellecutal disabilities attending the program.

The Univesity of Central Missouri has been a great partner in this program's success. There are multiple departments that work with the THRIVE students. These departments include the Communication Disorders Clinic, Nutrition and Kinesiology Department and others that will be mentioned later.

The Communication Disorders Clinic meets with students that need assistance with different parts of social pragmatic language to executive functioning and continued support for those that need speech/language assistance. The future speech/language professionals work with our students, while being monitored by their professors.

The Nutrition and Kinesiology Department assists our students in their Adapted PE class. This class pairs the THRIVE students with future Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physical Education majors, and others. Both of the students are monitored by professors in the department.

The Counselor Education Department provides graduate students an opportunity to work with our students as a Counselor-in-Training that meets weekly with our students individually and/or groups. Topics may include transition to college, careers, building relationships, and others based on student's needs. Provides an opportunity for future counselors to work with our students on a weekly basis. The students are also monitored by professors in the department.

Admissions materials are available if you click here.

Here is the 2015-2016 cost sheet for the program. Future costs may vary.

For information, email

How did the THRIVE program begin?

Funding support for the first two years of operation of THRIVE have been provided by a grant from Expanding College for Exceptional Learners (EXCEL), a not-for-profit organization based in Kansas City,

For more THRIVE information please continue to look through the website, at FAQ's or contact the THRIVE Director.

THRIVE Director:

UCM-Lovinger 1275
520 S. Maguire Street
Warrensburg, MO 64093


The last day of December is the priority date for accepting applications for the following academic year.





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