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The following is a list of frequently asked questions. The list will continue to grow as we do...

1. Can I take classes for credit?

Students in the THRIVE program can take classes for credit. The first semester the students are audiging the classes. The THRIVE team looks at students abilities and effort during this first semester. If a student shows both the ability and effort to take a class for credit the staff will let the student and their family know. They will then help make the decision of whether to take a class for credit.

2. Do I need to take the ACT or SAT?

To be in the program at UCM the students don't have to take the ACT/SAT. However, if the student wishes to take a class for credit the ACT/SAT would be suggested to be accepted as a typical student, in order to take classes for credit. The staff, student, and family will look at what options are available for the student.

3. Can I join one of the athletics teams?

Students in the THRIVE program are not eligible to join the official Mules/Jennies sports teams. They are however able to join in any intramural events that include softball, basketball, track, and others.

4. Am I able to join sororities/fraternities?

As a THRIVE student you are not elibible to join a fraternity or sorority, however there are over 200 clubs available to students on campus. You will be able to find a club that will interest you on campus.

5. I won't have a vehicle or don't drive. How can I get around town?

UCM has multiple ways for students to get to businesses around town. First of all most of the businesses are within walking distance and many groups of THRIVE students can be seen walking to restaurants or stores to get supplies. We also have Night Ryder, its a method of transportation to get to shopping/entertainment-5pm-11pm Thursday/Friday/Saturday and transportation to downtown Warrensburg 10pm-midnight. We also have Old Drum public trasnportation. They have a set schedule that drops students off at different locations through out town Monday-Friday from 8-4. They stop at the UCM student Union every hour.

6. Who is responsible for cleaning my room and hall?

Roommates are responsible for sharing the tasks of cleaning their room, this includes the bathroom. Cleaning tasks are assigned and discussed when the students sign their roommate agreement.

7. What if I don't get along with my roommate?

This can be a typical college student question. Transitioning to college life can be difficult. Many college students experience feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and other fears/concerns. We encourage students to talk to staff and mentors about your concerns. The students are encouraged to continue to talk to parents, but also have the added benefit of our THRIVE Counseling Intern. There are weekly individual and group sessions that include discussion of these college transition difficulties. The UCM campus also offers other services like Counseling Services. If you feel threatened you can also utilize the UCM Campus police.

8. How will I meet new people?

This is a common question asked by many incoming Freshman, you are not alone in asking this question. UCM is a very inviting campus with many activities and clubs. We encourage each of our students during the first few weeks to look for activities or clubs that interest them. You can participate in intramurals and join a team of a sport that you love. You can also look into the more than 200 clubs to join. The mentors also have activities that they plan to help students participate with their new freinds. We anticipate you having many new freinds in the first few weeks of classes.

9. What if I'm sick?

All UCM Students can utilize the Campus Health Center by the Union. We encourage all students to continue to talk to parents about their health concerns. If you need to see a doctor our campus doctors will be able to help you. We encourage students to call early to schedule an appointment.

10. How do I receive and send mail?

Each student will have their own box at the front desk of their residence hall. Mail is delivered each day to your residence hall except Sundays and holidays.

When sending mail or packages to students in University Housing all items must include the student’s name in the address.  Packages in a parent or family member’s name cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender.  Please include the student’s name when sending packages from Amazon and other on-line accounts. 


To assure prompt delivery, use the following format for your residence hall address:

[Student's Name]
[Hall], [Room #]
Warrensburg, MO 64093

11. Do I have to carry my room key and student ID with me at all times?

Yes, you must carry your room key and student ID with you at all times. The UCM continues to be a safe campus, but we want you to be secure at all times. Your Student ID will get you into many campus activities. You will also need to have your Student ID to eat at the residence halls, check out movies and check in to some rooms on campus. The Student ID also has your personal information. You should always keep your room locked for the security of your items and also your roommate and suitemates.

12. What should I do if I get lost?

It is recommended that you keep a campus map with you at all times. This can help you, especially in the first few weeks, find your way around our campus. If you are on campus we recommend that you go to the nearest campus building. You will be able to find an office where someone can assist you. We will also have each of our students put the Safe Team number in their cell phone during the first week of classes. You may call this number anytime to get assistance to a location.

If you are lost in the community we recommend you go to the nearest business and they can help direct you back to the campus. You will also have our campus office phones and email in case of emergency.

13. Will I receive a grade for classes and internships?

Yes, you will receive a grade for all classes that you take. This grade will guided by our rubric with either Mastery, Progressing, Needs Support or Insufficient. During the second year you will also have an internship and they will also follow this rubric. You will also receive comments on how to improve any areas.

14. What happens if I miss class?

Class attendance and participation are key parts to any college class. Students are responsible for attending every class, internship, and any other activity regularly. Attendance and participation are included in your grade for each course. If a student is going to miss a class, internship or activity they are asked to email the instructor and THRIVE staff as early as posible. This helps to ensure proper coverage at any of these activities.

Instructors and/or businesses have structured office hours and if you have made an appointment and can't make it, you are taking valuable time away from them helping other students. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to set up a time to follow-up with the teacher about any work that is missed and get any assigned work completed on time.

15. What happens if I get in trouble by breaking a university or hall policy?

Our students follow the same rules or policies as any other student on the UCM campus. You will want to look at your student handbook and your THRIVE Handbook for these policies. The THRIVE team will help you understand the rules/policies during the first few weeks and we will also take the time to remind students at other times throughout the semester. THRIVE Staff will be involved in the disciplinary process and outcome of the decision.

THRIVE students can be dismissed from the University of Central Missouri and the THRIVE Program. Violations of any rules/policies can result in written warnings, probation, restitution/fines, suspension, or expulsion.

16. Who should I contact if there is an emergency on campus?

There are several ways to contact UCM Office of Public Safety on campus. We have students put the UCM Public Safety and Safe Team phone numbers in their cell phones during the first week of class. Our university also utilizes the Campus Eye App.

Campus Eye App

The Campus Eye app is available for students, faculty and staff to report pertinent information directly to public safety and campus facilities personnel. See the Mobile User App Guide below to get your user access code and for details on how to use the App.

The free, downloadable app features the ability to create a note describing the safety or security incident. Users may also take or attach a picture of the incident. The app automatically detects the location of the user and creates a map with a pin drop of the user's exact location. All content sent to respective college departments includes the sender's name and phone number along with the date and time of each report. Other app features let users set personal attributes, like if they are deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired, or require the use of a wheelchair.


We also encourage students to contact the UCM Office of Public Safety if you have an emergency. If something happens go to the nearest campus building and report the emergency to a staff member. If it is a weather related emergency the staff will help you. Follow their directions at the time of the emergency.


For more THRIVE information please continue to look through the website, at FAQ's or contact the THRIVE Coordinator.

THRIVE Coordinatorr:

Ms. Karen Fahrmeier
UCM-Lovinger 1270
520 S. Maguire Street
Warrensburg, MO 64093


February 15th is the priority date for accepting applications for the following academic year.





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