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University Policy Office

Shelly G. Gonzalez, Policy Officer
Administration 208
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4730
Fax: 660.543.8022


Approval: Approved by the President in 2003

Authority: Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Responsibility: Vice President for Student Affairs / Vice President of Administration


I. Introduction

This policy addresses and covers the distribution and posting of cards, notes, signs, flyers, computer listings, name lists and handbills, photo reproductions, newspaper clippings notices, and posters, etc. in and out of buildings and throughout the grounds of the University of Central Missouri. The intent of this policy is to provide the University of Central Missouri students, faculty and staff with maximum opportunity and space to advertise approved events, products, services, etc. at designated locations throughout the campus on bulletin boards or similar devices.

It is expected that all advertising materials posted on designated university display devices will be reasonably neat and attractive in the interest of the advertiser and the university. Advertising materials should be typed/printed when appropriate for legibility and neatness; however, free hand drawings, writing and printing will be permitted. All advertising will adhere to the university community's sense of decency and good taste. Offensive, obscene, inflammatory advertising, etc. will not be permitted or tolerated.

II. Policy Specifics

A. Anything placed on a bulletin board/kiosk is considered a poster/flyer, and must be posted in accordance with the guidelines established in this procedure. The posting and/or distribution of signs, handbills and flyers in buildings at the University of Central Missouri will be limited to registered student groups and official units of the university. For specific locations of these designated areas where information may be posted contact the Office of Campus Activities. Posters advertising non-university sponsored events must be of general interest to the university community and sponsored by not-for-profit organizations. Business and profit organizations will be allowed to post information only on the bulletin board in the University Union that has been designated for these organizations. Commercial advertising and/or posting of personal notices except where designated is prohibited.

B. Regulations:

  1. Posters and flyers must not exceed 14"x 22" in size. Signs exceeding the limit must have special permission from the Office of Campus Activities for posting.

  2. The name of the sponsoring group or unit must appear on the flyer or sign. The organization's name must be spelled out.

  3. All posters must be in English or contain an exact English translation on every poster.

  4. Signs, posters, flyers, etc., should be posted for a period not exceeding two weeks.

  5. Signs maybe posted in areas designed for posters (i.e. bulletin boards or kiosks). Posters and flyers may not be attached to windows, doors, walls, floors, trees, or any other part of the university grounds.

  6. Lawn signs may be used for some special occasions (i.e. homecoming, SGA elections, etc.), but must be approved by the Office of Campus Activities in advance.

  7. Posters should be attached with tacks whenever possible. Staples and tape are not appropriate as they are difficult to remove.

  8. Banners are allowed in some locations, but must be approved by the Office of Campus Activities. Banners are to be no larger than 5' x 7'.

  9. One copy of the poster/flyer should be placed on file with the Office of Campus Activities so they may share the information with other campus organizations who might be planning programs. This will also provide the opportunity to have the event listed on the Campus Source Board.

  10. Special bulletin boards have been designated in the University Union as "For Sale" and/or "Rides/Riders Wanted" and should only be used for this purpose. Notices for these boards must not be larger than 3" x 5" index cards.

  11. Advertisements for persons running for state or local elected positions may be placed on the public bulletin boards only, and must have a campus organizational sponsor indicated on the materials.

  12. Writing with chalk, paint, etc. on the sidewalks and/or stairs is not allowed on campus.

  13. The sponsoring organization has the primary responsibility for removing promotional information within 48 hours after an event. Failure to remove signs or postings in unauthorized locations may result in the organization being billed for sign removal and possible denial of future posting privileges.

  14. Information to be placed on the Information Kiosks shall be reserved for those events designated as all-campus events. The keys to the kiosks are available in the Union Operations Office, Union 301.

  15. Posters/flyers etc. promoting the consumption of alcohol are not permitted to be posted on campus.

  16. Only items of general interest to the campus are to be posted on the boards noted as general interest/campus happenings. Items to be posted on academic departmental boards require permission from the appropriate academic department. Bulletin boards in classrooms fall under the jurisdiction of academic departments.

  17. The university reserves the right to remove any form of advertising which does not comply with this policy.

  18. There are some special regulations that relate to the posting of information in the residence halls. These regulations are listed in the "Guide to Living and Learning" which is produced by the Office of University Housing. A few highlights of this document are:

    1. Offensive materials addressed to a student with the correct full name, residence hall and number will be placed in student mailboxes by residence hall staff.

    2. Offensive materials or materials which could be interpreted as harassing in nature (i.e. documentations, prejudicial messages and profanity) are not allowed to be posted.

  19. Restrictions on posting may apply to posters/flyers etc. that include corporate names or logos. Please refer to the "University Policy Regarding Corporate Sponsorship", which is available in the Office of Campus Activities, for specific details.

  20. Special exemption from any of these policies can be requested in the Office of Campus Activities, Union 217.

*Please contact the Associate Director of Meeting and Conference Services for additional questions.