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Teaching Writing Graduate Certificate

Greater Kansas City Writing Project

The University of Central Missouri’s graduate certificate in Teaching Writing is a joint program with the Greater Kansas City Writing Project. Graduate students gain the knowledge, skills and support they need to become more effective, confident teachers of writing in all subject areas and grade levels.

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This graduate certificate program can help educators from a variety of backgrounds, from post-master’s candidates who want to specialize in teaching writing to practicing teachers seeking to lead literacy education in a school or experienced educators hoping to teach composition at the college level. No matter your goals, you can enrich your educational practice and advance your teaching skills in writing with UCM.



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Earn badges with Writing Project orgs

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Advance up district pay scales

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What you will study

The graduate certificate in Teaching Writing is a 15-month program that facilitates professional networking and active learning. Designed by the University of Central Missouri in conjunction with the Greater Kansas City Writing Project, the graduate program coursework is taught by experienced K–12 teacher consultants who help prepare you to transform classroom practices and publish professional research.


Unique learning opportunities in teaching writing

UCM’s graduate certificate in Teaching Writing prioritizes active learning for our students, focused on classroom practice with student work at the on-campus learning center:

  • Teachers-teaching-teachers model: Instead of splitting up learning between the classroom and the field, we use a teachers-teaching-teachers model in which teachers are both student learners and co-teachers based on classroom experiences. This includes explicit modeling and engagement in and feedback about pedagogical writing strategies between professors and students.
  • Professional writing badges: During the Teaching Writing graduate certificate program, you can earn digital credentials within the professional learning network of the National Writing Project. These badges recognize skills in advocacy, teaching writing and leadership. You’ll also have the ability to network with various regional writing education organizations, including the Greater Kansas City Writing Project, Missouri Writing Projects Network and the National Writing Project.


What can you do with a graduate certificate in Teaching Writing from UCM?

Earning UCM’s graduate certificate in Teaching Writing is a great way to expand your capabilities as an educator and assert yourself as a literacy leader in your school and district. Practicing teachers who complete this program can advance on district pay scales and become eligible to teach dual credit classes. This graduate certificate can also give you the ability to teach composition at the community college level.

Learn more about careers in teaching writing

Browse possible career pathways that UCM’s graduate certificate in Teaching Writing can open for you using the interactive tool below. Gain insights into potential earnings, job outlooks and more.




Financial assistance options for your graduate certificate in Teaching Writing

Advance your career as an English teacher affordably at the University of Central Missouri. Did you know that we’re rated as a top college nationally for low student debt by LendEDU? Plus, our tuition is lower than the national average for a public college.

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.



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The admissions process for the GCTW will be the same as those for the MA in English with the addition of the following items:

  1. Candidates must successfully complete the GKCWP Invitational Institute prior to admission of the certificate. 
  2. Candidates who hold a BA degree in a discipline other than English may be admitted to the program if they demonstrate a commitment to teaching writing within their own discipline as a central component of their pedagogy. Such a commitment can be demonstrated in the writing sample or letters of recommendation. 

Step 1: Apply for graduate admission at UCM. 

Step 2: Each student seeking admission must submit the following materials to Katie Kline ( 

  • Two confidential letters of reference. The letters should be written by those most able to address the student’s academic work, written and verbal skills, and promise of achievement at the graduate level.
  • A writing sample. The writing sample is a one-page typewritten statement of purpose in which the student outlines his/her educational background, teaching and/or research experience (if any), and reasons for pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing.

Program Outcomes

The teacher with a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing, will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to

  • Understand the writing process as it translates to the teaching of writing in varied genres and contexts.
  • Develop writing assignments that demonstrate how writing can be used as a tool for learning and critical inquiry.
  • Design effective writing tasks using or situated within new media environments.
  • Create a personal writing pedagogy that leads to consistency in practice when teaching, assigning, responding to, and assessing writing.
  • Fulfill leadership roles in professional development programs related to improved literacy instruction.


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