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Secondary Education, BSE - Family Consumer Sciences Teacher Education

Family Consumer Science Education Degree

Teaching family consumer sciences allows you to prepare students not only for life’s challenges but also for in-demand careers in textiles, interior design, culinary arts and human development, to name a few. Complete your Bachelor of Science in Education degree at the University of Central Missouri to make a difference in students’ lives. Through coursework to complete your Family Consumer Science Education degree, our Secondary Education program will prepare you for the teacher certification exam and to effectively teach in middle and high school classrooms and lab environments. 

A time-tested family and consumer education program for today’s students

Family and consumer science education is an interactive and fun subject to teach. Look no further for proof than the University of Central Missouri, where we’ve offered the Family Consumer Science Education degree for over 100 years. In fact, it’s one of our oldest teaching programs and one that’s widely revered by its many alumni. 

They’ll tell you our faculty, who have all taught in secondary education classrooms, are engaging and understand the obstacles and wins ahead of you. Be confident in their support, as well as in earning a recognized, accredited degree as you prepare to become a family consumer sciences (FCS) teacher.

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100-year history and wide alumni support

CAEP accreditation

CAEP and AAFCS accredited degree program

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Hands-on, active learning classrooms

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3 years of field experiences provided

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FCS-specific scholarships available

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Education and FCS student associations


What you will study

UCM’s Family and Consumer Science Education program will equip you with the latest teaching practices and have you ready to confidently lead the classroom. Through the undergraduate program’s coursework, you will be effectively prepared for the state teacher certification exam. 

Coursework for UCM’s modern Family Consumer Science Education degree

Once dubbed “Home Economics,” family and consumer education prepares students for their future. As an FCS teacher, you’ll equip them with the skills needed to be successful in college and their careers through collaborative, critical thinking and creative activities.

Among our most popular courses are:

  • Parent-Child Interaction
  • Interior Design
  • Food Preparation

Our undergraduate program coursework culminates with the Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education course, which will provide fun and interesting ways to present the content — in preparation for student teaching.  

Transfer credits to graduate faster

Complete your Family Consumer Science Education degree through a combination of on-campus courses in Warrensburg and online courses with flexible scheduling options. If you’re transferring to UCM with an Associate of Arts, another undergraduate degree or college credits, you could graduate faster. In this case, you’ll likely need only two years before you’re ready to become an FCS teacher in a high school or middle school classroom.


Excellence in Secondary Education

  • Top 15%: Most Focused Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • One of the Most Focused Bachelor's Degree Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • One of the Most Focused Colleges for Secondary Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 4.5%: Most Popular Colleges for Secondary Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 5%: Most Popular Bachelor's Degree Colleges for Secondary Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 10%: Best Value in Education (College Factual, 2021)


Unique learning opportunities in family and consumer education

The journey to complete your Family Consumer Science Education degree includes a variety of opportunities to enhance your time at the University of Central Missouri, as well as your career possibilities. Hands-on classroom activities and real-world field experiences include: 

  • UCM’s active learning classrooms: Practice your FCS teaching skills in our newly renovated classrooms, equipped with the latest technology you’ll soon use in your own classroom. Create culinary delights using new, commercial-quality equipment in UCM’s culinary class, or design patterns and make garments on equipment updated every two years in our textile courses.
  • Field experiences: Observe and co-teach with an FCS teacher in a middle or high school during your sophomore and junior years. In your senior year, you’ll lead instruction and develop activities prior to student teaching, helping you be fully prepared for the job ahead.
  • Student teaching: Take on the role of an FCS teacher in your final semester. You’ll lead all classroom activities, while working behind the scenes with the district teacher to develop strategies for classroom management and instruction.
  • Student organizations: Join a student association related to your Secondary Education major for learning and networking opportunities. Your options include the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), Project CTE and the Student Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA).

We also encourage you to get involved with local chapters of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) to prepare you to manage your own school chapter as an FCS teacher.


What can you do with a Family Consumer Science Education degree from UCM?

UCM’s Family and Consumer Science Education program will not only prepare you for teaching but also a wide range of career possibilities. You may choose to teach in a Missouri public high school or middle school, where you may also oversee the FCCLA student organization. For opportunities outside of Missouri, FCS program faculty can work with you to transfer your teaching license to another state. You may also consider a job within a career center or in continuing education.

Whatever your desired path, know that UCM’s Family and Consumer Education graduates have enjoyed a high job placement rate. Some have even gained employment before finishing student teaching.

Finding a career in family and consumer science education

Enjoy a working relationship based on respect and understanding with UCM faculty, who can advise you on your career opportunities. You can also use the interactive tool below to understand the current job market for an FCS teacher.




Financial assistance options for your Family Consumer Science Education degree

As you make plans to attend the University of Central Missouri, you may be looking at ways to finance your Family Consumer Science Education degree. We can help. UCM provides details on loans, grants and work study. You may also qualify to apply for scholarships through UCM or the College of Education.

Scholarships available for Family and Consumer Education majors

Alumni of UCM’s Family Consumer Science Education program have also made available scholarships to support current students. Among them are:

  • Doris Achenbach Sensenich Scholarship in FACS
  • Edna Gehlken Undergraduate Scholarship in Home Economics
  • Elizabeth Weekley Sutton Scholarship in Family and Consumer Science
  • Laura Baker Scholarship
  • Rita L. Youmans Scholarship in Home Economics

See if you qualify for these scholarships and others with the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

Expand your knowledge base and career possibilities at UCM with a master’s degree: 

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Make yourself more marketable.

Enhance your offerings to future employers when you consider one of the following minors for your BSE in Family and Consumer Science Education:

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Explore programs related to family and consumer education.

With a passion for or interest in family consumer science education, you may also want to explore these UCM undergraduate degree programs:


Student Learning Outcomes

You will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the Family Consumer Sciences Education program to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for entry level teaching in Family Consumer Sciences.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge in Family Consumer Sciences.
  • Demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge of technology, research, problem solving, creative & critical thinking, and communication skills within the teaching profession.
  • Display professionalism within the FCS profession through participation in career related opportunities and an FCS related organization.



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


The Family Consumer Sciences program at UCM is nationally accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

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