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Political Science BA

Have you ever wondered how government impacts your everyday life? Are you passionate about issues such as law, national security, education, health, or environmental policy? Do you want to learn about governments in other parts of the world, or grapple with vexing issues such as terrorism and globalization? Do you want to learn a language such as Spanish, German, French, Arabic, or Chinese to better understand a country or region? If so, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science will help you develop the communication, analytical, leadership, and problem-solving skills to succeed in the classroom and on the job market. A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science prepares students for a wide range of careers in business, campaign management, education, federal, state, and local government, interest groups and non-governmental organizations, law, and public and international affairs.

Get Engaged

Political Science majors extend learning beyond the classroom with Internships as well as competing with the Model United Nations student organization and Mock Trial Team. These extra-curricular activities help build important communication, leadership, and teamwork skills that will help set yourself apart when applying for jobs, law school, or graduate school.


Choose from Four Areas of Concentration

Depending on your career goals, you may choose between four areas:

  • American Politics
  • Public Law and Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations


Learning Beyond the Classroom



Learn by doing! Internships are a great way to gain knowledge and experience beyond the classroom.

Mock Trial

Join Mock Trial

Prepare for careers in law by joining the Mock Trial Team.

Model UN

Join Model UN

Join the Model United Nations student organization to learn about the United Nations and travel to conferences to compete in diplomatic simulations.


Dr. Gregory Streich
Professor, Political Science
203 Wood Hall
Tel: (660)543-8148


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