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History, BA

History Bachelor of Arts

A bachelor’s degree in History is as relevant now as it has ever been. The exploration of our shared past equips you with the knowledge, critical skills, inquiry and empathy to navigate a rapidly changing world. Your future in history starts at the University of Central Missouri.

As an undergraduate student in UCM’s bachelor’s in History degree program, you will build all of the in-demand skills that today’s employers seek in their hires: critical thinking, research and communication skills and cultural and global literacy.

A History bachelor’s degree with a focus on language and culture

In UCM’s Bachelor of Arts in History degree program, you’ll delve deeply into another culture and its human affairs by learning a foreign language. Choose from Spanish, German, French and possibly Chinese. The ability to speak a second language not only enhances your study of history but also opens doors to new ideas and perspectives — not to mention new cuisines, sights, sounds and locales. Explore history firsthand through UCM’s study abroad program, with more than 60 countries to choose from. 

If you’re looking to major in History but would like to customize your historical studies with various areas of concentration that you can turn into double majors or minors, you may also want to consider the History BS degree

History degree online program

UCM’s bachelor’s degree in History program regularly offers courses online, as well as options that allow you to enroll part time or full time starting in the fall, spring or summer.

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Dr. Joshua Nygren
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
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Warrensburg, MO
Tel: 660-543-8738

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of History

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Focused on language and culture

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Includes Spanish, German, French, Chinese

What you will study

Interested in exploring foreign languages? While the History B.S. allows for a wide range of elective courses, the History B.A. includes Spanish, German, French and Chinese (offered per semester avaliability). Besides language classes, the History degree program curriculum at UCM includes robust course offerings that cover a range of eras. Some popular courses you may take include:

  • Public History: Gain first-hand experience working in museums, historic preservation and archives to explore your career options with a History degree from UCM.
  • Hidden Histories: Take a creative and topical approach to history with this undergraduate course that focuses on rotating topics. Example course themes include African American history as viewed through the films of the late actor Chadwick Boseman and conspiracy theories.
  • Nazi Germany and the Holocaust: Delve deeply into the history of Hitler’s Germany, the rise of the Nazis and the atrocities perpetrated during the Holocaust.
  • Civil War and Reconstruction: Examine the causes and effects of the war and the post-war reconstruction process.

Learn from UCM’s distinguished faculty whose areas of research expertise span the globe. Follow your passions and academic interests, choosing among the histories of African Americans, agriculture, the environment, gender, military, Missouri, politics, religion, social movements, women and more.

As a History major at the University of Central Missouri, you’ll also enjoy one-on-one advising with a faculty mentor who will provide academic guidance, as well as support for internship and job opportunities, so you’ll be well-prepared for the workplace by the time you graduate.


Unique learning opportunities in history

The University of Central Missouri’s bachelor’s degree in History program provides you with a relevant education for the 21st century, so you’ll be prepared for whatever career or graduate school path you choose:

  • Internships: Complete an internship with the Missouri State Archives through a unique partnership with UCM that gives you a chance to process archival material right on campus. You can also apply for competitive internships at institutions such as the National Archives, the National Park Service, the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum and other regional history institutions.
  • Study abroad: Design your own study abroad experience, focused on your historical and language interests. With more than 60 countries in our study abroad programs, including Spain, South Korea, Israel, Costa Rica and Malta, UCM provides the opportunity to practice your language skills in an academic and personal experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.
  • Faculty-led research: Learn the skills and process important for archival research while working with faculty on historical projects.
  • Digital technologies: Master advanced tools and methods used to document and share history, from websites and mobile apps to virtual reality. For example, our students can participate in Historic Missouri, an ongoing historical project that provides easy access to information about the places, people and stories that are uniquely significant to the state.


What can you do with a History degree from UCM?

In today’s competitive marketplace, you might ask yourself, what can you do with a History degree? At the University of Central Missouri, we focus on developing core job skills along with your interests, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. 

Students from our bachelor’s in History degree program build key skill sets that prepare them for successful careers in museums and archives, state and federal government, law, journalism, teaching and business, among other fields. If you’re interested in the Civil Rights movement or criminal justice, for example, your History degree will provide the crucial context and foundation for law school.

If you want to go to grad school, our bachelor’s degree in History program prepares you with skills that can be used in both advanced education and a variety of career paths. You’ll learn to work with primary source documents, conduct independent research, confidently present your work to an audience and collaborate seamlessly with others — all valuable skills that both graduate schools and employers seek.

Explore fulfilling careers with a History BA

UCM graduates with a bachelor’s degree in History enjoy competitive salaries, job growth and options for rewarding and in-demand careers. Use the interactive tool below to discover the possibilities.




Financial assistance options for your History BA degree

Our focus at UCM is on affordability, value and a 21st-century college education that prepares you for a fulfilling career in today’s competitive job market. As you consider the question “what can you do with a History degree,” what you really want to know is whether a UCM History degree is a valuable, worthwhile investment. The answer is yes!

The University of Central Missouri offers a variety of resources to help you finance your college education. Beyond the scholarships available through the university, several scholarships are also available specifically for History majors, including:

  • Charles Mayes History Scholarships
  • Alfred E. Twomey Undergraduate Scholarship in History
  • Gloria J. Maxwell Scholarship in History

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.


What can you do with a History degree? Enhance your History BA or further specialize your knowledge and skills in a graduate program at UCM.

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Explore programs related to history.


Not sure if a History degree sounds right for you? Check out these undergraduate programs to see what other majors at UCM might be a better fit:


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