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Secondary Education, BSE - Mathematics

Shape the Future

The BSE in Secondary Education-Mathematics option will prepare you to engage students in mathematics, develop strong leadership skills, and value cooperative learning. Appreciate the beauty and interconnectedness in mathematics as your courses focus on deepening your understanding of fundamental areas of mathematics, analyze and evaluate students' mathematical thinking, and use a variety of instructional strategies and resources. You will play a significant role in the lives of students and help shape the future.

Real World Experience

We have a new mathematics education lounge where you will collaborate with peers, study together, utilize technology for teaching mathematics, and support each other. Students are regularly invited to state and national conferences focused on teaching mathematics. Utilizing a co-teaching student teaching model means you will be in the field for more than 100 hours before you even begin student teaching.

Student Learning Outcomes

You will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the BSE in Secondary Education, Mathematics program to:

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of major mathematical concepts, algorithms, procedures, connections, and applications within and among mathematical domains.
  • Demonstrate the mathematical practices of problem solving, reasoning and proof, modeling, attending to precision, identifying elements of structure, generalizing, communicating, and making connections.
  • Apply knowledge of curriculum standards for mathematics and their relationship to student learning within and across mathematical domains.
  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge of adolescent development and behavior and use this knowledge to plan and create sequential learning opportunities grounded in mathematics education research.
  • Provide instruction that supports the continual development of a productive disposition toward mathematics, conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, strategic competence, and application of major mathematics concepts.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and recognize that learning is often collaborative.
  • Demonstrate a broad experiential base of knowledge, skills, effective approaches to mathematics teaching and learning and professional behaviors.

Student Involvement

You will be encouraged to participate in the Central Missouri Mathematics Educators (CMME), a student organization that provides prospective teachers with opportunities to discuss methods and trends in teacher education with UCM faculty and area public school teachers.

Be in High Demand

At a time when many professions are feeling the effects of "downsizing,” the demand for mathematics teachers is increasing, identified at both the state and national levels as one of the "teacher shortage areas."



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


The Mathematics Education program at UCM is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics



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