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Speech Language Pathology BS

Bachelor of Science Degree

In the Speech-Pathology program, you'll learn about the diagnosis and treatment of human communication disorders, related research, and how to assist people with communication disorders.You'll also participate in clinical settings, where professors provide supervised treatment of individuals with speech and/or hearing disorders.

Why Choose Speech-Language Pathology at UCM?

  • UCM's Welch-Schmidt Center for Communication Disorders has fifteen treatment rooms with digital monitoring, an early childhood preschool for children with speech and language disorders, and a voice and swallowing lab. 
  • UCM has a Functional Communication Clinic, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic, and a Feeding and Swallowing Clinic.
  • A variety of current assessment and treatment materials are available and provide you with special opportunities to learn in a therapeutic setting.

What Will I Study?

In addition to focusing on the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, you'll learn about new methods and equipment to evaluate communication disorders, establish more effective treatment programs, and investigate behavioral patterns associated with communication disorders.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has created a document that provides you with more information about the value of the undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology.  

Student to Faculty Ratio & Admission

The student to faculty ratio is 17:1, which allows professors to get to know you and provide personalized attention.


Admission Requirements

To apply as a Speech-Language Pathology student, you must:

  • Have a minimum overall 3.2 GPA;
  • Pass a speech, language, hearing screening;
  • Complete the program application;
  • Must have earned a minimum of 30 university credit hours, applicable to graduation, including a grade of "C" or better in ENGL 1020 and ENGL 1030 or ENGL 1080;
  • Must have made a grade of "C" or better and  a GPA of 3.2 or better in the following CD courses: CD 1000, CD 1800, CD 2301, CD 3301;
  • Students may enroll in the four courses listed above for a maximum of two times;
  • Students must submit a Program Application prior to admission;
  • Submit two Undergraduate Faculty Appraisal forms.
  • Students who do not meet requirements are ineligible for admission to the undergraduate major in speech-language pathology.

Admission of Undergraduate Transfer Students 

  • Transfer students must meet all of the requirements above to apply as a Speech-Language Pathology student.
  • Students who are transferring two or more of the courses CD 1000, CD 1800, CD 2301, or CD 3301 and meet other criteria listed above for applicants as a speech-language pathology student, will be provisionally admitted and must take an additional six semester hours of Communication Disorders courses at the University of Central Missouri before applying for full admission.
  • Transfer students must demonstrate the competencies required for the UCM equivalent for any courses being transferred before applying for full admission to the undergraduate program.
  • Students who do not meet the above requirements are ineligible for admission to the undergraduate Communication Disorders program.



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