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Mathematics, MS - Actuarial Science and Statistics Option

Statistics and Actuarial Science Degree - Mathematics MS

Do you wish to expand your knowledge in quantitative and statistical reasoning? The University of Central Missouri offers a master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree, among our graduate programs in Math, to provide the advanced training you desire. Choose from a wide range of graduate courses covering topics in statistics, actuarial science, data analysis and computer science through a curriculum that earned us recognition by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) — and can help earn you recognition from employers.

Enjoy UCM’s flexibility to meet your interests and needs

At UCM, you can concentrate on coursework for this master’s degree in either actuarial science or statistics. If you work in data analytics, you can take a combination of statistics and computer science courses for flexibility to fulfill your interests. 

Our course offerings also help you strategically meet any scheduling need. Choose to attend all classes on our Warrensburg campus or take a mix of on-campus and online courses for additional flexibility. You can also enroll on a full-time schedule that allows you to finish the master’s degree in two years or extend your graduate studies with a part-time schedule that allows you to manage life’s other demands more easily.

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Earn your degree in as few as two years

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Learn R, Python, SAS and other software

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Choices for graduate programs in Math

What you will study

This UCM master’s degree is designed for students interested in graduate programs in statistics or data analytics. To satisfy your interest in statistical theory and to learn additional statistical techniques, you’ll take the following courses and others — all designed based on the guidelines of the Society of Actuaries and the American Statistical Association:

  • Probability Models
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Regression Analysis
  • Principles of Data Mining
  • Statistical Modeling

As part of your graduate coursework, you’ll learn popular programming languages for statistical analysis, including SAS, R and Python. You’ll also have your choice from a long list of electives to fulfill an interest or get specific training for your career. UCM’s program coordinator and faculty for our graduate programs in Math are available to help you plot the best course to your master’s degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics.


Excellence in Actuarial Science and Statistics

  • Recognized by: Society of Actuaries as a Universities and Colleges Actuarial Programs — Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC) program.


Unique learning opportunities in actuarial science and statistics

At the University of Central Missouri, we know the best graduate programs in statistics offer learning and networking opportunities both in and out of the classroom. We make these available through your ability to:

  • Access UCM’s modern computer lab: Get familiar with a wide range of the latest statistical software and programming languages, including R, SAS and Python, on our Warrensburg campus.
  • Take part in an internship: As one of your electives, you may choose an internship to boost your theoretical knowledge and apply your learning with companies that may include Kansas City Life Insurance Company and T-Mobile. An additional fee will apply, but you’ll enhance your resume and your value to employers.
  • Complete a comprehensive study: For a final project, you’ll develop an independent investigation, design the procedure and share your conclusion.
  • Network with fellow students and professionals: Join the Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter of the American Statistical Association to participate in annual meetings, special courses and STAT-KC: A Career Day in Statistics. You may also qualify to join Mu Sigma Rho, the national honor society for students of undergraduate and graduate programs in statistics. You'll have access to the Acruarial Organization (TAO) and participate in the Actuarial Career Fair.


What can you do with a Mathematics master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree from UCM?

With your master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree, you’ll have expanded knowledge to contribute to your work in the fields of actuarial science, statistics or predictive analytics. As demonstrated through UCM’s recognition by the SOA, you’ll be ready for a number of the SOA preliminary exams. Our courses are also approved for Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) topic areas in Economics, Accounting and Finance and Mathematical Statistics. This is a component of the associate of the society of actuaries (ASA) credintials.

Where UCM graduates with a master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree work

UCM alumni with a master’s degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics work as biostatisticians, data analysts and business analysts, among other positions, for government agencies and private sector organizations, including:

  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • St. Lucie Mets, a Minor League Baseball affiliate of the New York Mets
  • Cerner Corporation
  • T-Mobile
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Hallmark
  • Microsoft
  • Commerce Bank

Careers as actuaries and statisticians continue to rank among the best jobs in America, including a #7 placement on the “Best Business Jobs” list by U.S. News and World Report for 2022. UCM faculty for our graduate programs in Math are available to help navigate your path to an entry-level or advanced career in actuarial science and statistics. We also provide the interactive tool below for a high-level overview of the opportunity that lies ahead.




Financial assistance options for your master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree

As you evaluate your master’s in actuarial science programs or graduate programs in statistics, know that the University of Central Missouri wants to help you get an advanced education to meet your goals. UCM is known for offering some of the nation’s lowest tuition rates. LendEDU has also recognized us as a top-ranked university for low student debt. Our resources to help finance your education include loans, grants, employment opportunities and scholarships.

Scholarships for a master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree

UCM, our alumni and other generous supporters make available scholarships for students of our graduate program in Math. These scholarships may be available to you as an Actuarial Science and Statistics graduate student:

  • Dr. Vince Edmondson Math and Computer Science Scholarship
  • H. Keith Stumpff Scholarship

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Make yourself more marketable.

Gain knowledge and skills in a related area when you consider a UCM graduate certificate in addition to your master’s in Actuarial Science and Statistics degree or by itself:

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Explore programs related to actuarial science and statistics.

Advance your knowledge and career while staying true to your passion for numbers and information when you consider these other UCM master’s degrees:


Admission Criteria and Application

To be accepted into this program, a student must have an undergraduate major in mathematics, or coursework equivalent to a UCM major in mathematics, actuarial science or statistics with a minimum grade point average of 3.00 in upper-level  mathematics, actuarial science, or statistics courses. A student not meeting these minimum standards may consult the Department of Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, and Statistics for possible acceptance on a conditional basis. 


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