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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Teaching MAT

The University of Central Missouri’s MA in Teaching combines your past career experiences with your desire to earn a Teaching master’s degree. You’ll inspire students to engage in the classroom, develop critical thinking skills and reach — or even exceed — their potential.

Our Teaching MAT is for people looking for a career change or those who need their initial teaching certification. Many graduates finish the graduate program to earn their Teaching master’s in two years.

UCM’s MA in Teaching offers focus options in: 

  • Secondary Education
  • Middle School Education
  • Elementary Education
  • K–12 Education
  • Educational Theory
  • Science Education [Accelerated Program]

Regardless of your chosen focus option, you’ll build a solid foundation with courses in classroom management, assessment, curriculum and instruction, literacy and research. Then, you’ll apply your classroom skills with a student teaching experience.

Online graduate degree in Education

With your busy career in mind, our MA in Teaching offers entirely online program coursework. You can learn on your own schedule and earn your graduate degree in education while balancing work and personal commitments.

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CAEP-accredited Teaching MAT

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Best Online Teaching MAT

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86% job placement rate


What you will study

Our Teaching master’s degree offers Missouri teaching certification in coordination with the Alternative Pathways Certification program. This program takes a practical approach to preparing you for jobs with a master’s in Education. It also lets your passions guide your interests in choosing a concentration for your graduate degree in education:

  • Secondary Education Master’s Degree: Master the foundations of teaching and learning, advance your knowledge and skills in general classroom management and obtain the most recent research on instructional theory and practices.
  • Middle School Education: Learn the philosophy, organization, curriculum, instruction and classroom management strategies appropriate to middle-level learners, as well as integrative and interdisciplinary middle school curriculum development.
  • Elementary Education: Learn how to assess and evaluate student learning and design units of instruction that meet each child's individual needs.
  • K–12 Education: Dive into the psychological principles, processes, theories and research on a range of topics such as learning, development, motivation and measurements to be a more effective teacher.
  • Educational Theory: Focus on the legal issues, school funding, educational delivery systems, societal influences, philosophy and history of education. You’ll also examine curriculum development and assessment issues from school, district, state and federal points of view.
  • Science Education  [Accelerated Program]: Gain the skills and resources for teaching in the science content area, as well as the strategies for both laboratory and classroom instruction. You’ll also learn to recognize science learning problems and how to find ways to solve those problems. This program, exclusive to UCM students, provides a fast track that combines an undergraduate science degree in biology or chemistry with a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.


Excellence in Teaching

  • Longest Missouri public institution continuously accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP works to enhance excellence in educator preparation via evidence-based accreditation. The seal assures quality and supports continuous improvement in P-12 student learning.
  • Among the Top Online Master's in Secondary Education Degree Programs (Intelligent, 2022)
  • One of the Best Online Master's In K-12 Education Degree Programs (Intelligent, 2022)
  • One of the Best Master's in Online Teaching Degree Programs (Intelligent, 2021)


Unique learning opportunities in our Teaching master’s degree

As an MA in Teaching graduate student, you'll complete a student teaching experience. This provides a full semester in a K–12 classroom to practice and refine your instructional strategies and classroom management skills. You'll be on your own, but you won't be alone as you earn your graduate degree in Education. Our mentor-teachers and university supervisor will be here to support you and provide feedback.

Our program faculty have experience in classroom teaching, administration, educational finance and discipline leadership. They know the challenges you face and are available to provide you with individual assistance. You’ll also have access to faculty and other support resources via email and Blackboard and virtual and in-person office hours.


What can you do with a Teaching master’s degree?

86% of our Teaching MAT program graduates are employed within six months of graduation. Whether your Teaching master’s concentration is a Secondary Education master’s degree, a K–12 Education master’s degree or another concentration in our graduate degree in Education, you’ll be prepared for a range of teaching jobs.

Administrators hire MAT graduates from the University of Central Missouri as educators in a variety of disciplines. Teaching MAT graduates also have experience in distance learning and often bring knowledge and skills from outside of education. Our students occasionally seek master’s of Education jobs outside of the United States, as well.

Explore your teaching options

Use our interactive tool to explore your career options with a graduate degree in Education. Learn about the potential for jobs with a master’s in education, salaries, outlooks and more.




Financial assistance options for your Teaching master’s degree

Our Teaching master’s degree is designed for working adults who are changing careers or who will be pursuing jobs in which a master’s in education is required or desired. Opportunities for financial assistance for the MA in Teaching may be different from those available to traditional students. You may be able to finance your college education using industry scholarships, assistantships, grants or awards.


Program information and admission requirements

For more information about this program and admission requiements click here.


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