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Kinesiology MS - Pedagogy Option

Advancing the Profession

By pursuing your master’s degree in Kinesiology, Pedagogy at UCM, you will be able to work at your own pace to complete your degree. You can choose to complete the program over the course of a few years, or you can choose to expedite your program and complete the entire program in as little as one year and an additional summer, making this one of the fastest to completion, completely online programs available. As you complete the program, you will find unparalleled quality through an ability to adapt many of the course learning activities to pursue specific educational experiences that will allow you to customize the content to meet your own professional goals.

Experiential Learning

At UCM, you will only take courses with faculty that meet the highest standards in the field. You will have every opportunity to challenge and advance your pedagogy skills and knowledge in the areas of Curriculum, Physical Activity Promotion, Behavior Modification, Assessment, Instructional Practices and Special Populations. This is not just a review of content offered in an undergraduate program, but an advanced investigation into the latest trends and issues within the field of physical education in a way that prepares you for continued growth. It is the goal of this program to continually challenge you to seek out new practices that will consistently help you become an even more effective teacher than you already are.



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