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Technical Writing Minor

Become more marketable to qualify for new opportunities and be considered for job promotions. The University of Central Missouri’s Technical Writing minor pairs perfectly with virtually any major to help you stand out in your field of study and chosen career. 

Technical writing is one of the most valuable skills on the job market today. This minor can equip you with specialized knowledge to master the most essential forms of business communication and help fuel success in any industry. In fact, the Technical Writing Minor at UCM is #4 in Best Creative and Media Jobs according to U.S. News & World Report.

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Increase your professional versatility

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Broaden your career possibilities

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Stand out from others in your field

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Increase your salary potential

What you will study

Our Technical Writing minor is designed to help you become fluent and articulate in the various styles of communication in the business world. You’ll grow adept at creating and using all types of documents, from simple memos to in-depth reports, and learn to write for specific audiences, no matter the industry. 

Hard skills are important for work in specific industries, but every workplace can use more quality communicators. The Technical Writing minor complements a variety of majors by equipping you with the professional skills you need to stand out from your colleagues.


Unique learning opportunities in technical writing

As a Technical Writing minor at UCM, you’ll gain hands-on experience and a real-world perspective in and out of the classroom:

  • Industry-standard internships: Work with clients on industry documentation. Learn valuable professional writing skills and documentation processes. 
  • Cutting-edge technology: The Technical Writing Lab in the Martin building offers students the chance to practice and refine their skills with the latest software used by today’s professional technical writers.
  • Personalized career counseling: Work one-on-one with an advisor in the Technical Writing minor to prepare for your career and get help finding your first job after you graduate.


What can you do with a minor in Technical Writing from UCM?

The University of Central Missouri’s Technical Writing minor can equip you with skills you need to handle a variety of communication and writing tasks in any job. This can include things as routine as resumes and memos to projects as complex as in-depth technical analyses and data reporting. These communication and analysis tools are valuable in virtually every industry, since every workplace needs someone they can count on to articulate information clearly on behalf of clients, colleagues and others. 

Learn more about careers in technical writing

Explore all the possible career pathways a Technical Writing minor can open for you with the interactive tool below. You’ll gain insight into potential earnings, job outlooks and more.




Financial assistance options for your Technical Writing minor

At the University of Central Missouri, we believe you shouldn’t have to take on extraordinary debt to add a minor, such as Technical Writing, to your major. We work hard to make our education affordable for all students, and the results speak for themselves:

  • UCM is more affordable than the average public college.
  • 94% of UCM undergraduate students receive financial aid.
  • LendEDU has recognized UCM for our low student debt. 

As a Technical Writing minor at UCM, you may also qualify for scholarships and awards, such as the Outstanding Technical Writing Student Award. You can learn more about program-specific scholarships by checking out the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Make yourself more marketable.

Are you interested in technical writing but don’t have enough credits left to fit it into your education plan? Consider an undergraduate certificate with fewer course requirements:


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