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Fashion Merchandising Minor

Fashion Merchandising

The minor in Fashion Merchandising not only gives you a foundation in fashion concepts with three required classes, but also allows you to customize the remaining courses to fit your specific career path. A fashion merchandising minor complements majors in business/ marketing, public relations, communications, theatre, photography, graphic design and other areas.

Applied Technology for Learning

As a student, you obtain knowledge in the classroom and then apply it in real-world projects. Final results of projects are similar to work done in the industry. You will create a digital product line, digital portfolio, store visual plans, social media materials, and other projects using updated software and technology, just like the professionals use.  You will have access to WGSN, the top trend forecasting service used by Fortune 500 companies, for trend research, as well as to the newest garment designs, prints, and colors for product development.  In addition, you will also have access to sewing and embroidery machines, 3D printers, die cutting machines, a computer lab, visual merchandising equipment, and store and product design software. 

Experiential Learning

At UCM, we think you learn best by doing.  Our teachers use active learning strategies in class and students participate in activities to enhance experience. As a Fashion Merchandising Minor, here are a few of the options you have to participate: 1) custom designing products and prints; 2) blogging; 3) fashion show production; 4) field trips; 5) work experience and internship. 

Get Involved

Fashion minors get the opportunity to join Fashion Business Organization and can also help with community events and fashion shows within the fashion program.

Fashion Business Organization

Use Your Unique Skills

Fashion merchandising minors can use unique skills acquired in their major within projects and events. Examples include photography majors who can build their portfolio by photographing different events and marketing campaigns, and graphic technology majors who can design posters, shirts, or other promotional material.


Experienced Faculty

The faculty in the fashion program all have a unique combination of current industry experience and educational backgrounds. The low student-faculty ratio gives faculty the chance to build relationships and mentor students. Our faculty and students create a family who help each other succeed.

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The fashion program is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, which holds us accountable for high standards and updated curriculum.

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