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Instructional Technology, Minor

Teach in the 21st Century!

Go beyond your undergraduate degree requirements by adding a minor in Instructional Technology. The entirely online undergraduate minor helps elementary education majors go further than just the basics. Do a better job of ntegrating technology into your teaching, differentiating instruction, and engaging and motivating your own students. The minor builds upon your educational coursework and will support your growth as an educator:

  • Integrate technology into your teaching and enhance the learning environment in your classroom
  • Build upon your elementary education coursework and gain a deeper understanding by adding a minor
  • Learn about the latest technology trends and enhance your marketability

Using Technology to Learn

Entirely Online

Complete your minor regardless of when and where the rest of your classes take place. All of the courses in the minor are online.


Student Learning Outcomes

As a graduate with a minor in Instructional Technology, you will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach with and about technology at a distance
  • Demonstrate the use of various forms of technology integration in the classroom environment, including word-processing, databases, spreadsheets, educational applications, presentation programs and the Internet
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach with and about technology
  • Apply appropriate theories and reflective models in instructional technology settings
  • Exhibit professionalism and ethical behavior
  • Provide leadership in the field of instructional technology
  • Actively participate in the educational process by applying cutting-edge technologies that infuse the most current and effective strategies into the learning process
  • Develop capabilities for applying technologies as tools in the learning environments and designing materials for the classroom

Course Sequencing

INST 4110: Google Educator Prep is a prerequisite for INST 4120: Google Education Trainer Prep. INST 4920: Practicum in Instructional Technology should be taken following other coursework for the minor. Other than that, you can take most courses in any order. Contact your advisor for more information and advice.

Minor Requirements

We believe that hands-on experience is ideal. At the end of the program, you will complete a practicum at a school of your choice in conjunction with your student teaching or separately prior to this experience. This gives you the opportunity to tie together everything you learned throughout your courses with local experts and real-life scenarios.


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