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Sport Nutrition Minor

Fueling for Optimal Performance

The Sports Nutrition minor explores basic exercise physiology, assessment/evaluation and an in depth analysis of current nutritional principles. Skills acquired in this minor allow you to effectively evaluate nutritional claims, perform basic nutritional assessment, and give sound nutritional advice based on evidenced based practice.

Minor Requirements: 20-21 Semester Hours

D&N 3340 Nutrition 3
NUTR 4010 Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 3
NUTR 4020 Dietary Supplements 3
NUTR 4300 Nutrition and Human Performance 3
KIN 2850 Foundations of Exercise Physiology 3
KIN 3850 Assessment & Evaluation of Fitness/Wellness 3
NUTR 4018 Nutrition Education and Counseling 3
      OR                                 OR  
KIN  4860 Fitness Programming and Implementation 3





Meera Penumetcha, PhD, RDN
Associate Professor and Nutrition Program Director
North Morrow 130
Tel: (660) 543-8904


Dr. Matthew Garver, PhD
Assistant Professor and Kinesiology Program Coordinator
North Morrow 149
Tel: (660) 543-4629

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