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American Democracy Project

Dr. Shari Bax
Administration Building 214
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Green Luncheon

During Earth Week, ADP hosts a Green Luncheon in April in conjunction with Earth Day. The luncheon is free to the campus community and features sustainable options!

Central Missouri is an advocate of Earth Day 365, a commitment made to practice sustainability everyday of the year. If not us, then who?

Sign up for the Green Luncheon here!

Tips on how to make a sustainable meal:

Local: Use local, seasonal ingredients in order to minimize energy used in production of food, transport and storage.

Selection of Food: Eat reduced amounts of food from animal origin (meat, dairy and eggs) as well as selecting fish and seafood that is sustainably sourced. Make sure your food is not identified "at risk" by the Marine Conservation Society!

Organic: Buy food from farming systems that minimize harm to the environment.

Fair-Trade Certified: Look for the fairtrade certification on imported products.

Non-Processed Food: Cook with a mix of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

(list taken from the Sustainable Food Revolution)