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American Democracy Project

Dr. Shari Bax
Administration Building 214
Warrensburg, MO 64093



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The American Democracy Project (ADP) at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) invites interested faculty, staff and students to submit grant proposals consistent with its purpose and goals. There are no restrictions on the format of proposed projects. Applications supporting new activities and programs, however, will be preferred.  Creativity and collaboration among faculty, staff, and students are encouraged. An explanation of the purpose and goals of ADP, and information on how to submit your proposal follows.

About the American Democracy Project:

The American Democracy Project began in 2003 as a co-operative initiative of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), The New York Times, and AASCU Member-Institutions. The project involves over 250 member campuses including the University of Central Missouri. The project involves a series of national activities coordinated by the national project coordinators and a series of campus activities coordinated by each participating campus.

Our Purpose:

to create opportunities for intellectual and experiential understanding of civic engagement for students enrolled at UCM. The project focuses on the development of informed graduates who are committed to lives of engagement as citizens in our democracy. The project grows out of a concern about decreasing rates of participation in the civic life of America in voting, in advocacy, in local grassroots associations, and in other forms of civic engagement that are necessary for the vitality of our democracy.  The American Democracy Project rests on a core belief…that civic engagement is critical for the preservation and vitality of American democracy.

Our Goals:

1. to increase the number of students who understand and are committed to engaging in meaningful civic actions and
2. to focus the attention of policy makers and opinion leaders on the civic value of the college experience.

About the ADP Grant:

The grant provides funding for activities which are consistent with the purpose and goals of ADP, and which help to encourage, promote, and/or develop civic engagement at UCM. Faculty, staff, and student organizations may apply for the grant. 


Applicants may apply for up to $1500; applications for smaller amounts are welcome for programs and/or activities to be initiated during the 2017-2018 academic year. (A faculty member, program, organization, and/or office may only receive one grant per year.)  Funding may be used for instructional materials, printing and advertising, travel expenses, speakers' honorariums and other such costs directly related to the project.  Funding will not be provided for stipends, incentives, food, or clothing or for any materials bought prior to the award of this grant. Preference will be given to proposals for programs and activities that actively engage students in some manner.


Applications supporting new activities and programs will be preferred.

The proposed project should:

  • promote the purpose and objectives of the American Democracy Project
  • encourage, promote, and/or develop civic engagement at UCM
  • focus on students and their development
  • be initiated and demonstrate progress within a year of receiving funding.
Grant recipients will be required to submit annual progress report each May until the project is completed and a summary of project results at the project’s completion. 

Please note: Applications supporting new activities and programs will be preferred. 


To apply, electronically submit the cover sheet, narrative, and budget by Friday, Nov. 3 to Dr. Shari Bax at

Applications will be reviewed by the ADP Steering Committee.  All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by Friday, Dec. 8.

The cover sheet should clearly identify the following:

  • Date Proposal was submitted
  • Name of Principal Applicant
  • Address, phone number, email for Principle Applicant
  • Title of Principal Applicant (position if an employee is principle applicant, office in student organization if principle applicant is a student)
  • Name of student organization or university office
  • Faculty advisor if appropriate
  • Title of project
  • Purpose of Project (limit to 25 words)
  • Total amount requested
  • Period of time in which funds will be spent
  • Project’s total budget
  • Limit to three (3) pages
  • Describe your project, including the needs and issues to be addressed; major activities; and target audience
  • State the goals of your project
  • Describe your project’s timeframe, including its order of events
  • Explain how your target audience will benefit from the project
  • Explain how the project can achieve sustained growth (i.e., how would it continue to make a lasting impact after initial funding ends)
  • Explain how you will evaluate the success of the project
  • Explain how the project promotes the goals and purposes of the American Democracy Project

Please prepare a budget for your grant proposal showing planned expenses and sources of financial support in as much detail as possible.

Here is an excellent example of what a grant application should contain.

Grant Recipients: