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American Democracy Project

Dr. Shari Bax
Administration Building 214
Warrensburg, MO 64093



Grant winners have been chosen!

Each academic year, assuming funding is available, the American Democracy Project (ADP) at University of Central Missouri invites interested faculty, staff and students to submit grant proposals consistent with ideals of ADP. There are no restrictions on the format of proposed projects. The grant provides funding for activities which help to encourage, promote, and/or develop civic engagement at UCM.

Faculty, staff, and student organizations may apply for the grant.

Here is an excellent example of what a grant application should contain.


Applicants may apply for up to $1500; applications for smaller amounts are welcome. (A faculty member, program, organization, and/or office may only receive one grant per year.) Funding may be used for instructional materials, printing and advertising, travel expenses, speaker’s honorariums and other such costs directly related to the project; funding is not provided for stipends, incentives, food, or clothing or for any materials bought prior to the award of this grant.


The proposed project should promote ideals of the American Democracy Project and encourage, promote, and/or develop civic engagement at UCM. Focus on students and their development must be initiated and completed within a year of receiving funding.

Grant recipients will be required to submit a summary of project results, including any collaboration achieved (In addition, grant recipients may be asked to give a presentation at a ADP campus conference or at another ADP event.)

Applications are reviewed by the ADP Steering Committee.


ADP Grant Update


2013-2014 Grant Recipients

Ashley Busick, Help provide low-cost nutritional meals for those in need

Ashley Wellman, Developing male student-led organization for bystander intervention during potentially violent situations

Barbara Mayfield, Help Thrive students learn more about government and political process

Beth Rutt, Creating an outdoor learning environment where students can grow own food

Caroline Evans, Alex Engart, Motivate community to learn more and help prevent sex trafficking

Dr. Greg Turner, Teaching students with special needs to advocate for funding

Kimberly Stewart, Help pay students assisting in BAGS (Books and Good Stuff) literacy project

Kristie Brinkley, Educating Central Missouri and local community about importance of service on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Mark Bliss, Researching political participation of homeless individuals in Johnson County

Natalie Fajardo, Promoting cultural awareness during Unity Week

2012-2013 Grant Recipients

Amy Billups, Changing Lives One Spring Break at a Time

Angela Richards, Precious Knoledge film screening and presenattion

Ashley McCullough, Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day

Jayme Mattson, National Student Speech Langiage and Hearing Association projrect to promote literacy

Jean Nuernberger, Social Welfate Student Advocacy Day

Robynn Kuhlmann, Politics and Social Justice Week

Grant Proposals

2011-2012 Grant Recipients

Kristie Brinkley, Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project 2012

Megan Coakley, Eliminating Substandard Living Conditions

Karen French, Martin Luther King, Jr. Issues Forum "From Civil War to Civil Rights"

Michelle Magee, Show Me Justice Film Festival

Julie Mollenkamp and  Benjamin Cohen, Voices of Occupy

Nancy Montgomery, Facilitating Early Language and Literacy Skills in At-Risk Preschoolers

Joe Moore, Journalism and a Democratic Society in the 21st Century

Marylis Peck, Communication and Sociology              

Joy Stevenson, Missouri Legislative System and Missouri International Education Day 2012


2010-2011 Grant Recipients

Tom Burden, Environmental Education Center Recovery Project  

 Jessica Campbell, Eliminating Substandard Living Conditions

Melissa Freiburger, The Motherhood Project 

Barbara Mayfield, Learning to Be a Voter

2009-2010 Grant Recipients

Rachel Brown, Breakers Alternative Spring Break

Jason Cole, Mother's Nature Son (documentary film)

Kathleen Desmond, Ellen Dissanayake lecture

Wendy Geiger, Oxfam Hunger Banquet

Delia Gillis, 5th Biennial Africana Studies Symposium

Jeffrey Imboden, Jen Chapin lecture and performance

Alex Klang, Politics and Social Justice Week

Melissa Looper, Earth Day Service Project

Kiley Moody, John Hope Bryant Kickoff to Leadership Month (Impact)

Donald Wallace, Homeland Security: Global & Domestic Perspectives, An International Academic Conference


2008-2009 Grant Recipients

Dr. Wendy Geiger: Service Learning – Using Students to engage their peers: The case of hunger in the community and the World.

Dr. David MCandless: Kiosk at Blind Boone Park

Dr. Don Wallace: Plenary Session Speakers at the March 29-30, 2010 UCM Homeland Security Conference

Ashley Zerrer, President of Breakers: Eliminating Substandard Living Conditions Through Adequate Housing