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Department Mentor Duties

Department Mentors (DM) -- The Departmental Mentor will meet with his/her student once each month to discuss the Graduate School Analysis, transcript, GPA, academic strengths and weaknessess, etc. He/She will also explore the student's chosen field of graduate study and the leaders, organizations, and publications influential in that field. Before the end of the year, the student, with the help of the Departmental Mentor, will create a portfolio containing items such as academic records; financial aid information; application procedures for potential graduate schools; etc.

Purpose:  to provide individual academic advisement regarding graduate studies in the major field and to help establish a support network for the student.


  1. to attend the annual Mentors’ Orientation training.
  2. to meet with the student, mentoring team, and program officials, as requested.
  3. to review student’s current course of study, transcript, and academic support needs.
  4. to help the student examine potential graduate programs and their requirements.
  5. to guide the student as s/he explores the publications, organizations, and academic leaders in the chosen field.
  6. to approve the student’s completed Graduate School Analysis Worksheets.
  7. to assist the student’s development of an Applications Portfolio.
  8. to provide motivational support through the summer session if the student is selected for the internship.
  9. to attend the on-campus McNair Symposium and, if possible, the Recognition Ceremony.
  10. to complete requested paperwork in a timely manner.