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Tutoring Center

Free Support for UCM Students

The proactive student is the successful student. The UCM Tutoring Center provides FREE tutoring for over 100 courses by appointment. 

In-person and online appointments with our UCM student tutors can be scheduled using our new app, Penji. In less than five minutes, students can create an account using their UCM student email and a photo. With this account, students can look-up their courses and schedule in-person and online sessions at no cost. Students have the option to download the Penji app or use the browser version. As a new service this semester, all tutoring sessions are one-on-one.

Math Tutoring

The #1 requested subject! Math tutoring, from Introductory Algebra through Calculus is offered by appointment. Math tutors can help with coursework, test preparation, and review. Students feeling nervous about math can schedule regular appointments to stay on track!

Subject Specific Tutoring

The Learning Commons offers tutoring in more than 100 specific courses. Log-into Penji to view the weekly schedule for specific courses. If you you don’t see the course you are looking for, stop in and see how we can help. 

Study Skills Tutoring

Students can  meet one-on-one with a Study Skills tutor to develop an individualized study plan. The tutor and student will work together to identify specific resources available for the students classes, discuss time management, and set goals. Students can meet with the tutor once to set up a semester plan or check in every week. Appointments are scheduled through Penji under the Learning Commons community. When scheduling a Study Skills session, search for STUDYskills under the course list.


 Don't wait until you're behind, get ahead now!

Develop a Study Calendar

Having trouble keeping all of your due dates straight? Our tutors can help you create monthly calendars with all of your due dates, tests, and meetings in one convenient location. Our study skills tutors can help you set goals and stay on track!

Map Out a Study Plan

Worried about one class the most? A study skills tutor can help you work through your syllabus and discuss goals, objectives, and individual strengths. You and the tutor can identify resources such as tutors and supplemental instruction to help you succeed. Schedule an appointment with a study skills tutor to start off on the right track or to help recover after a rough start.

Post Exam Review

Are you losing points on your tests and not sure why? Working with a tutor after a test is a great way to stay on top of course material. Our tutors can help review material specific to your class or general test taking problems in general.

Presentation Preparation

Whether brainstorming or adding the finishing touches to a presentation, a study skills tutor will help make sure you are presenting your best!


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