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Tutoring Center

Free Support for ALL UCM Students

The proactive student is the successful student. UCM Tutoring Services provides FREE support for over 70 courses as walk-in and by appointment. Be sure to check out the Tutoring Schedule, Services Provided, and Study Skills Support listed below.

Summer location WC Morris 124

Services Provided

Math Tutoring

The #1 requested subject! Math tutoring, from Introductory Algebra through Trigonometry is offered as walk-in tutoring. Available every hour the Learning Commons is open, math tutors can help with coursework, test preparation, and review. 

Online Math Tutoring

The #1 requested subject, now online via Zoom.  Appointment only.  Email to make an appointment. 

Subject Specific Tutoring

The Learning Commons offers tutoring in more than 70 specific courses. Click below to view a schedule of the specific courses offered and if you don’t see the course you are looking for, be sure to visit with a Study Skills tutor!

Study Skills Tutoring

Tutors provide individualized assistance for all UCM courses. Create a plan for success by scheduling an appointment or dropping in. Available every hour the Learning Commons is open, study skills tutors can! Prepare NOW (see the "Study Skills" section below)

Our tutors are ready to assist you!

 Don't wait until you're behind, get ahead now!

Develop a Study Calendar

Work with a tutor to establish an individualized calendar with specific course goals.

Map Out a Study Plan

Create a study plan for each course highlighting goals, objectives, and individual strengths.

Post Exam Review

Work with tutor to review personal test taking strategies to evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses while creating a plan for future exam preparation.

Presentation Preparation

Whether brainstorming or adding the finishing touches to a presentation, a study skills tutor will help make sure you are presenting your best!

Study Skills Tutoring

You bring the content and we will provide the study skills tutor! Bring your group to study with a trained tutor who can direct your sessions and assist with study skills and test preparation techniques.

Consider Becoming a Tutor!

Professional Benefits

  • Remain fresh in your content area
  • Develop a professional network
  • Achieve lifetime international tutor certification
  • Obtain professional experience
  • Daily practice for career goals
  • Training is attractive to employers

Personal Benefits

  • Augment social and personal interaction skills
  • Establish career and academic plans
  • Strengthen academic, people, critical thinking, and time management skills.
  • Develop life-long learning
  • Practice social and presentation skills
  • Discover new friendships!


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